relationship with food

Orthorexia: When healthy eating becomes an unhealthy obsession

Eating healthy is a worthy goal—but when eating conscientiously turns from mindfulness to an obsession, orthorexia can kick in.  Orthorexia Nervosa, as it’s properly known, occurs when someone begins obsessively eating only foods that they deem as “pure,” “healthy,” or “clean.”  Orthorexia isn’t just a diet; this eating habit becomes…

How can I develop a healthy relationship with food? Eat mindfully, enjoy your food, and focus on quality not quantity

We’re bombarded with information about food and dieting on a daily basis—this can cause one to be overcritical about their eating habits and ultimately develop an unhealthy relationship with food. Instead of focusing on the latest diet craze, losing weight, or crunching numbers, we should put our energy into cultivating…

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