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Researchers say if parents want to successfully cut back on their child’s screen-time, they must first cut back on screen-time themselves

New research shows that if parents want to successfully reduce their children’s screen-time, they should cut back on their own screen-time. Kids are spending more and more time playing on iPads and sitting in front of the TV, which feeds an increase in obesity among children. The researchers sought to…

Are my parents gaslighting me? Here’s what to do if your parents are manipulative and making you feel self-conscious, anxious

Parents can and do gaslight their children, or manipulate them to question their sanity and cause them to doubt their own judgment and memory. Oftentimes, parents who engage in gaslighting have narcissistic personality traits and/or suffer with alcohol/drug abuse. Parents may outright lie to their children, discredit their thoughts, cause…

What are positive parenting skills? A licensed marriage and family therapist delves into four important skills a parent can offer to their child

Positive parenting is a loving and gentle approach to parenting that helps to foster healthy relationships between parent and child. There are a handful of skills that parents can practice to accomplish positive parenting, of which includes validation, balance, listening, and support. Validation involves accepting your child’s feelings as they…

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