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Misinformation nation: How false news can influence us mentally and emotionally

Misinformation can come in many forms; but at its core, it’s a biased, skewed, or flat-out wrong representation of a current event or subject of public interest. This sort of unscrupulous journalism mostly concerns politics. Outside influences are partially to blame for our susceptibility to misinformation. Our bodies experience a…

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month (MMHAM): An opportunity to celebrate cultural identity, do a mental health check-in, and lift each other up

MMHAM offers a special opportunity this July for people of all backgrounds to evaluate their cultural identity and take stock of their mental health.  Race and mental illness are touchy subjects for most of us, and if you’re multi-racial, Black, or Asian American, racial identity can feel like a burden….

US adults in counseling are feeling stressed, fearful, depressed, and hopeless about the presidential election, according to survey of mental health professionals

Fredericksburg, VA. 10/20/2020 — Amid a jarring presidential election and an overall difficult year, US adults in counseling are feeling stressed, fearful, depressed, and/or hopeless about the election. This, according to a survey conducted by Thriveworks Counseling and completed by 275 mental health professionals. Are your clients talking about election-related…

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