Music therapy: How the “Encanto” soundtrack and other forms of music can help us to process our emotions

With people everywhere falling head over heels for Disney’s “Encanto,” it’s the perfect opportunity to highlight the emotional impact of music on our lives.  Even science is proving that our love for music is a genetic trait, a uniquely human experience.  Though the “Encanto” soundtrack is quickly becoming beloved, under…

The Greatest Therapy Scenes in Movie History

It’s estimated that over a quarter of all Americans have received some form of professional counseling in their lives. Unfortunately, barriers like cost often prevent people from receiving the mental health treatment they need. While there’s no true substitute for the real thing, these movies with therapy scenes sure are…

Top 10 Movies to Watch on Christmas

For many, watching holiday movies is a treasured tradition. Christmas Day just cannot come without getting most of these favorites checked off the list. When watching a movie, you have the chance to snuggle with loved ones, sit by the fire, and drink hot chocolate. What could be better? With…

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