Retroactive jealousy in relationships: What to do when your partner obsesses over your past

We all get jealous sometimes—but worrying obsessively over your significant other’s sexual and romantic history is known as retroactive jealousy, an unhealthy relationship habit. Retroactive jealousy can be triggered if you have an anxious attachment style, bad experiences with past partners, or even childhood trauma.  Common signs of retroactive jealousy…

How to deal with jealousy at work

Does everyone in your workplace get along well… or is there an undercurrent of negativity—or even jealousy? Jealousy can be a difficult and destructive emotion – and it can wreak havoc in the workplace. It’s technically distinct from envy: Jealousy usually involves feeling like a rival to someone else, but…

When the green-eyed monster strikes your relationship—here’s how you and your partner can address and work through jealousy issues

While it’s normal to feel jealous, it can become unhealthy and wreak havoc on a relationship if not managed effectively. Fortunately, any couple can learn to address and work through jealousy issues and, in turn, cultivate a happy, healthy relationship. First, two partners should communicate their standards and expectations when…

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