Holiday stress: A compassionate guide for understanding and managing it

As the holiday season approaches, many of us feel happy, excited, cheerful, and… stressed. Despite the picture-perfect photos on Instagram (highlight reels) and cheery (more like cheesy) Christmas cards, holidays are stressful. Between traveling, cooking lavish meals, and making small talk with distant relatives, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed. That’s…

The Anxiety That Stole Christmas

Christmas is a billion dollar holiday in the United States. People save throughout the year to to make sure they are able to purchase the gifts that their family members have requested. This is especially true for adults who have children. Children are conditioned through the media and their peers…

Top 10 Movies to Watch on Christmas

For many, watching holiday movies is a treasured tradition. Christmas Day just cannot come without getting most of these favorites checked off the list. When watching a movie, you have the chance to snuggle with loved ones, sit by the fire, and drink hot chocolate. What could be better? With…

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