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Mental Health Awareness

Children of depressed parents suffer inadvertent effects—these mental health interventions can help

The children of depressed parents could be at an increased risk of developing depression or other mental health disorders. Our external environment, in addition to our parent’s own experience with mental health conditions, may set into motion subtle shifts in our genetics; one allele, in particular, might leave kids vulnerable…

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month (MMHAM): An opportunity to celebrate cultural identity, do a mental health check-in, and lift each other up

MMHAM offers a special opportunity this July for people of all backgrounds to evaluate their cultural identity and take stock of their mental health.  Race and mental illness are touchy subjects for most of us, and if you’re multi-racial, Black, or Asian American, racial identity can feel like a burden….

Observe World Mental Health Day on October 10: Understand, prioritize, and raise awareness for mental health

World Mental Health Day is observed annually on October 10th in over 100 countries to promote mental health awareness and advocate for individuals with mental health issues. Since its inception in 1992, World Mental Health Day has helped to expand knowledge, advocate against social stigmas, and support people suffering from…

Former professional football player Merril Hoge encourages kids to play sports and parents to support them

Merril Hoge is a former professional football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears. Unfortunately, he was forced to retire his career early due to the lack of care he received following two concussions in the same five-week time period. Despite the life-altering injuries Hoge sustained playing the sport…

Depression and anxiety are common among the elderly: help them fight off these illnesses by encouraging their involvement in fun hobbies and social activities

As our loved ones grow older, we tend to worry about physical ailments, such as an increased risk for heart attacks and memory problems like dementia. However, we often fail to recognize threats to their mental health—for example, the elderly often suffers from depression and anxiety. These are common illnesses…

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