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What will back to school look like for your child? Understand the challenges your child will face and help them prepare for the new school year

As schools prepare to reopen in September, the uncertainty of what to expect raises a myriad of questions and feelings for parents and students alike. What will the procedures be like in schools? Will children be asked to wear masks and social distance? Will full classroom learning continue, or will…

How-to be an authoritative parent: 3 strategies (Video)

Authoritative parents have high expectations but also respond to the emotional needs of their kids. They set clear rules, utilize positive reinforcement, and encourage independence. Read: Back to Basics, Child Therapy According to Developmental Psychologist Dr. Diana Baumrind, authoritative parenting is the “optimal” parenting style, as it enables kids to build…

How-to respond to a kid’s temper tantrum (Video)

You’re seconds away from declaring your grocery run with your 5-year-old a success when they start screaming. They beg for a candy bar and flail their arms in protest when you say no. What now? It all depends on how you respond to your 5-year-old’s temper tantrum. Here are four…

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