Make the world a better place by performing random acts of kindness each and every day! This can be as little as buying the person behind you in line their coffee or tipping the barista an extra $20. Here’s a list of other random acts of kindness that will surely go a long way and make at least one person’s day:

1) Babysit your nephew so your brother and his wife can have a night out.

2) Put a couple quarters in someone’s expired parking meter..


3) Tag your friend in a funny video to make them smile.


4) Take some donuts to the local police or fire station.

5) Invite the new guy at work out for a drink.


6) Send an old teacher or mentor a thoughtful note or email.


7) Call your parents, and tell them you love them.

8) Order an extra meal to give to the homeless person on your street.


9) Tell the stranger you just passed that they’re beautiful.


10) Volunteer your time at the local animal shelter.

11) Buy a couple canned food items during your grocery run and donate them.


12) Leave a feel-good note on someone’s car, telling them how awesome they are.


13) Share a funny, uplifting meme on your friend’s Facebook wall.

14) Leave your server a generous tip, along with a nice thank you note.


15) Buy a box of Girl Scout cookies (even if they don’t have your favorite).


16) Pick up lunch for your coworker who’s swamped with work.

17) Send an inspirational text to 10 recent contacts.


18) Leave a couple dollars at the gas pump for the next customer.


19) Buy lemonade from that kid’s lemonade stand.

20) Order an extra chicken biscuit at Chick-Fil-A for a coworker.


21) Check in on your grandparents and tell them you love them.


22) Leave a tin of cookies on your best friend’s doorstep.

23) Take an extra minute to tell someone how awesome they are at their job.


24) Donate that extra dollar to charity when prompted at checkout.


25) Smile at every single person you encounter.