Marriage Counseling

Divorce – How To Prevent It?
The statistics on divorce in the US are perplexing – how is it that 40%-50% of married couples end up divorcing? The reasons behind these numbers are numerous and diverse – socioeconomic factors, family history, lifestyle changes and even progressing gender equality all have a role to play. Analyzing this trend and generating a simple answer is not a feasible option – the reasons behind divorce are very often particular to the individual couple and occur within the context of a scenario specific to their situation.

However, as a general trend, it has been proven that lack of reconciliation after frequent conflicts is linked to a higher risk of divorce. When frequent and unresolved disagreements become the defining feature of the everyday life of a married couple, they often lead to unhappiness of such magnitude that reconciliation may prove impossible. Experts therefore recommend that couples who experience a permanent conflict in their relationship seek professional help in the form of marriage counseling as soon as they recognize the gravity of their situation. Catching the problem early can often save a relationship in the long term.

Can Marriage Counseling Really Help?
Divorces that result from a conflict internal to a relationship can often be prevented by improved communication, as well as an effort to reach a mutual understanding and to better control one’s emotional states. Achieving these improvements independently often proves to be impossible for a couple – external help from an experienced marriage therapist can provide a solution. Couples often find that when trying to put an end to their conflicts, guidance of an unbiased counselor can offer many benefits – the counselor is there in the capacity of an objective observer who is to guide the spouses towards finding a way out of the conflict themselves. Whilst these interventions are regularly successful, the counselor is not to dictate and provide simple answers; the therapy is always intended to steer the couple towards their own conclusions.

Marriage Counseling At Thriveworks Andover
Thriveworks Andover prides itself on the ability to guide you towards a solution to your relationship problems. We work with couples at all stages of their relationships, experiencing a number of different issues – ranging from extra marital affairs or financial problems to some less profound disagreements. No two cases are the same – we understand that all couples are different and our therapists work with clients on an individual basis.

If you think your marriage might be at risk, why not contact us today to arrange your first marriage counseling session.

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