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It is estimated that 20%-40% of married males and 20%-25% of married females will commit an act of infidelity at some point in their married life. It is noteworthy that infidelity is in fact a universal phenomenon. It occurs across almost every culture and country globally, and has a long and pervasive history. Almost as pervasive as the act itself is the condemnation of infidelity as a behavior. Nearly every culture condemns the act of infidelity during married life.

Despite the common condemnation, infidelity occurs frequently – why is this? The factors that cause an individual to commit an act of adultery are numerous and diverse; from emotional dissatisfaction in a relationship through to low self-esteem, the reasons behind infidelity are very personal and are almost never the same from one couple to the next. This complexity means that seeking professional help in the form of counseling for infidelity can often help.

The Challenges Of Infidelity

For the victim, infidelity can have some truly devastating consequences. When the person you often trust more than anyone else in the world breaks this emotional bond and commits an act of infidelity there is a cascade of emotional responses that occur. Grief is a primary emotion in these circumstances and is closely followed by anger. Distrust almost always ensues and can often be the primary cause of relationship dissolution after infidelity has been disclosed. It causes the betrayed partner to obsess about the reasons behind the disloyalty, it makes him or her constantly worry about the whereabouts of the perpetrator, as well as induces the need to control what they are doing and who they are with at all times.

Counseling For Infidelity – Can It Help?

When a victim is experiencing an emotional rollercoaster that the act of infidelity can subject one to, having a forum in which you can air your feelings and emotions in the presence of a neutral observer can be very cathartic. A counselor helping a couple deal with infidelity will act as an impartial arbiter, guiding the partners towards an amicable solution. That solution may involve separation or it may be reconciliation. Regardless of the outcome, a good counselor will strive to facilitate the best possible resolution for an affected couple.

Thriveworks Bristol

At Thriveworks Bristol our professional counselors offer support to people dealing with the fallout from an act of infidelity. Thanks to our extensive experience we understand how to look after our clients – we tailor our counseling sessions to the individual needs of every couple. So why not reach out to us now to arrange your first counseling session for infidelity.


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