Meet Thriveworks Counselor Kate Elenbaas, in Grand Rapids, MI

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TRANSCRIPT: My name is Kate Elenbaas, I’m a new therapist here at Thriveworks Counseling and Coaching here in Grand Rapids. I’m very excited to be a part of th te team here. I got my LMSW from Western Michigan University, and I’m also a certified, advanced addiction drug counselor here in town as well. Like […]

Birmingham Counselor and Yoga Teacher Explains her Approach to Therapy

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Introducing Dawn Gaden in Birmingham, Michigan Dawn Gaden, M.A., LPC, NCC, is a counselor with more than 15 years experience. She is also a certified yoga teacher. In the above video can watch Dawn explain her philosophy to counseling and some of the techniques she uses with her clients. TRANSCRIPT: Hi, my name is Dawn […]

Finding the Gifts in Our Difficulties: Meditation and Awareness

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Identifying “What Is” Awareness is an essential tool we bring to the task, and is itself something we must cultivate. It does not spring fully-formed from our minds, like Athena from Zeus’s head. It’s as much a fruit of the garden as it is the sieve we use to sort and the spade to dig. […]

Mindfulness for Managing Stress (free workshop in Michigan)

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A free mindfulness workshop is being offered Wednesday, May 6, 2015, by licensed professional counselor Dawn Gaden, of Thriveworks Birmingham Counseling. Join Dawn for an informative and practical lesson in understanding how stress affects your body and mind. You will take home tools and knowledge that will help you to begin incorporating mindfulness in everything […]

Yoga Heals the Body and the Mind

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Our lives were meant to be joyful and full of love. Counseling, coaching, energy work and yoga, are all tools that will keep our feet grounded, our minds clear and our hearts grateful.” When asked about our health, we tend to think of our physical bodies. As humans, we seem to identify more easily with […]

Is the Self “Fixed” (or Can I Change)?

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Born to Grow Happiness and well-being, then, are realized to be skills to acquire and a path to take, rather than an inviolable nature. Misery is not our destiny.” If I’ve heard it once over my 25 years of professional practice (give or take), I’ve heard it a thousand times: “I can’t change; that’s just […]

How Do I Embrace the Now?

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It Starts with a Thought … In order to change where we want to be we must first embrace where we are right now.” We have thousands of thoughts that run through our heads every minute of every day. There are thoughts we do not even realize we are choosing. The truth is, we choose […]

Dealing with Grief and Loss During the Holidays? Try These 6 Tips.

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How to Have Hope amid Grief It’s the holiday season and everyone is full of joy and happiness. Everyone, right? Everyone, that is, except you. You’re full of hurt and memories because you’re struggling to overcome a loss. You’re not alone, even though you it may feel like you are. Feelings of loss cannot be […]

Shades of Blue: Here are 10 Types of Depression

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About Depression Simply defined, depression means feeling depressed. It’s a feeling, not a limiting character trait (although it can CERTAINLY feel like the latter). It can wear the face of Sylvia Plath or Kurt Cobain — the brilliant artist going out in a blaze of self-destruction. Depression can also be the 6th grade bully who’s […]

Do the Holiday Months Make You SAD? You Might Have Seasonal Affective Disorder

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About SAD Depression Portrait: Seasonal Affective Disorder Emily’s mood darkened. She lost touch with the people she met during her first weeks in the town she’d just relocated to. She mixed up the names of the kids she worked with. At home, she found herself watching a lot of television: not her old favorite smart […]

This animation perfectly shows what addiction is like

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“Kiwi tastes a golden nugget. It’s delicious.” In this animated short by production studio FILM BILDER, an animated kiwi gives us an impression of what addiction looks like. Watch what happens as the kiwi first tries a golden nugget, and then returns to it again and again. The kiwi consumes the globules in search of […]

West Virginia – Most Searches for “Depression” Says Google Trends

Depression Map

West Virginia, North Dakota, we need to talk… According to Google Trends, the highest number of web searches in the U.S. for the word “Depression” come in equal quantities from West Virginia and North Dakota, followed (in descending order) by: Indiana South Dakota Ohio Kentucky Montana This is particularly alarming as one would expect the […]

Peak Performance Therapy: A New Service at Thriveworks Atlanta


TRANSCRIPT: Hey there, I’m Dr. Barbara Rubin, a licensed psychologist here with Thriveworks, and I’m thrilled that you’re listening to our video today. I wanted to let you all know that in my practice here, I work with individuals and couples on a wide variety of issues: everything from depression and anxiety, to custody issues, […]

5 Steps for Effective Communication in Your Relationships


TRANSCRIPT: Hi. I’m Twilynn Jourdain, a licensed psychotherapist here at Thriveworks, and I’d like to speak with you about effective communication in relationships. We all know how important relationships are, and the key to having strong, positive relationships is our ability to communicate effectively our feelings, our thoughts and our needs. So I’d like to […]

3 Ways to Be in The Moment, with Atlanta Counselor TJ Prince


TRANSCRIPT: Ok, with great respect and great love, I’d like to great each and every one of you out there. I thought I’d take a few minutes and talk about the importance of mindfulness in psychotherapy. A lot of us struggle with negative mental diets. Our inner narrative and self-talk oftentimes is negative. Learning how […]

WHO: “I Had a Black Dog, His Name Was Depression” Video Passes 4M Views

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The World Health Organization‘s “I had a black dog, his name was depression video” has passed 4,000,000 views on Youtube, and may reach 5,000,000 by the end of the year. The video depicts the common mood disorder in a relatable way; as an oversized, overbearing, twist on man’s best friend. Using the concept of the […]

Crisis Is Not a Disaster; it’s an Opportunity for Change

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By, Counselor Teresa J. Cooper, M.A., LPC-MHSP — Thriveworks Knoxville While you may be in the midst of a persona crisis, the sky isn’t really falling. A crisis can be big or small, but most often the “crises” we experience aren’t disasters, but opportunities for growth and for change. Change is possible, but it’s not […]

How to Reduce Stress in Your Mind and Body

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By, counselor Neal Hughes — Thriveworks Knoxville Throughout the day, pay attention to the areas of stress in your body […] and consciously work to relax the muscles.” The connection between mind and body is stronger than you think. Watch the video above and listen to Neal Hughes talk about a simple thing to keep […]

A Tip for Making Life Changes, with Counselor Justin Hall LPC

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By Justin Hall, LPC — Thriveworks Knoxville When looking to make changes in your life, think about the healthy or new things in your life you want to include instead of focusing on the areas of our life that you want to quit. This approach will help you to take a more active and positive […]

The Neurological Effects of Mindfulness


Writings on Mindfulness With K. Neal Hughes, M.A. LSPE NCC There is a science to all of this, and in the absence of science there really is nothing to any of it. How would lasting changes occur in anyone unless neurology was involved? It is my contention that unless spiritual practice touches neurology then no […]

How to Avoid Feeling Like Just Another New Year’s Statistic

Mike - Director of Clinic Operations

So you blew it. It’s not even February and you’re back to your old ways. You were certain that things were going to change. This year would be different – you were going to actually keep your resolutions . . . but alas, you were wrong and now you feel like just another failure to […]

5 Ways to Survive Grief During the Holidays

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The loss of a loved one can make even the most joyful celebrations difficult to bear, no matter how much we used to enjoy them. If you prevent grief from having a hold on your yearly traditions, then consider these tips for managing grief during the holidays. 1. Do less The last thing you want […]

3 Habits That Are Making You Lonely


Here are a few habits that might be making you lonely. Do you have trouble making and keeping friends? Almost everyone gets lonely once in a while. Even the most social people you know get lonely, even if they don’t wear it on their sleeves. That being said, one of the main causes of loneliness […]

3 Things That Are OK To Say To Someone With Mental Illness

mental illness

What are things you can say to someone struggling with a mental illness? There will be times when you’ll be confronted with a person who needs help. They’ll come to you specifically for comfort, reassurance or just someone who will listen to them. Are you prepared for these moments? Perhaps you’ve experienced this before and […]

7 Tips For Staying Positive During Unemployment


Steps to tackling the mental health challenges of unemployment. You’re in between jobs, and with that fact comes an air of uncertainty that is likely weighing down on you. Many times, people who are struggling with unemployment fight hard to stay positive in order to encourage the people around them, such as their spouses, friends […]

Surviving the Holidays After Divorce


When we think about the holidays, most of us are expecting a time of fun, family, and traditions we hold dear. Unfortunately, this can also be a time that is dreaded for the first time by people who have recently ended their marriage. For some, this will be the first holiday season without their spouse, […]

Is Daylight Savings Time Making You Depressed?

daylight savings time

Finding the link between Daylight Savings Time and Depression. For many people in the United States, daylight savings time is just another burden we adjust to a couple of times a year. We turn the clocks back, forward, upward or what have you, and we may not think much of it. For others, however, Daylight […]

4 Reasons Why Smiling Should Be a Relentless Habit

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Facts about smiling that will turn you into a grinning enthusiast. You’ve probably heard the old cliche, “it takes more muscles to frown than smile!” And a lot of us have trouble accepting that point. Still, there are plenty of other reasons why this upbeat gesture is pretty much the best one out there. Below […]