Loneliness is one of many struggles that come with depression. Here’s how you can defy the disease and work through these lonely feelings

Depression has a way of making you feel all alone in the world, disconnected from the rest of humanity; fortunately, however, you can object to and resolve these feelings. The first matter of business is to understand the relationship between loneliness and depression: loneliness in depression isn’t usually due to…

Feelings of loneliness are normal, but you can learn to enjoy your solitude instead and turn your time alone into a positive experience

We all spend time alone and are given the same choice: to enjoy our solitude or to loathe this time to ourselves. In choosing the former route, bask in your favorite qualities and enjoy beloved activities—be kind to yourself. If you struggle to enjoy your solitude, you should first recognize…

Loneliness does not discriminate—the youth and the elderly alike are suffering from lonely feelings, and they could use your help

  There are many factors that influence feelings of loneliness, including sociability, other qualities, and lifestyle. That being said, loneliness does not discriminate—it affects every single one of us, though the youth and the elderly are particularly susceptible to these feelings. Technology and the fast pace of today’s life also…

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