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Managing Difficult Emotions

Are my fears normal or do I have postpartum anxiety? Here’s what new moms need to know

Today, new moms understand that they may experience “the baby blues” and maybe even postpartum depression. These are two very real possibilities that they prepare for. But there’s another common condition that new moms develop after having a baby that is less talked about: postpartum anxiety. While it’s normal to…

When friends have different political views—How to talk politics with people you disagree with

Headlines about presidential candidates fill our feeds. Emails about voter registration swarm our inboxes. Political opinions dominate our conversations. Arguments flood our Facebooks and, more importantly, our relationships. It’s election season. And whether we like it or not, politics are on our mind. Now, there are some people who do…

Online Counseling Question: Is it bad to watch the news during COVID-19? (Video)

Click here to schedule online counseling at Thriveworks. Hi. My name is Ashley Costello and I’m a Licensed Clinician at Thriveworks Richmond. So the question is, “Is it bad to watch the news during COVID-19?” Well, like many mental health answers, yes and no, depending on your situation. Here are three examples…