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The funny thing about becoming an adult is that our brains tend to over complicate things. In fact, one could argue that human beings tend to be more rational during their childhood, rather than their formative adult years. If you’re currently searching for some words of wisdom or helpful life advice, look no further than these funny memes and pictures of words of wisdom from kids.Or you can just ask the nearest kid his opinion on an issue you’re currently dealing with. Trust me, you’ll definitely get an honest answer.

Let Them Eat Cake

Getting a Girlfriend 101

Just Poo It

The Perfect Stress Test

Catch The Shoe Rainbow

Pretty Smart, Kid

The Secret of My Success

Have You Hugged a Moose Today?

Can’t Argue with That Logic

The 10 Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Being Annoying Made Easy

Phoning It In

True Story

Cold As Ice

The Lame of Life

Walk the Line

Baby Don’t Hurt Me… No More

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