Accepting Resistance: Exercise for the Brain

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Writings on Mindfulness With K. Neal Hughes, M.A. LSPE NCC The buzzword in neuroscience has been “neuroplasticity” for about 40 years. This simply means that the brain is able to change itself. That brain functions can change with new information and practice, especially practice, is no longer simply an interesting idea. Some studies even indicate […]

When Your Past Calls, don’t Answer. It has Nothing New to Say.

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Writings on Mindfulness With K. Neal Hughes, M.A. LSPE NCC Our pasts haunt us, especially those of us who tend to experience depression. It is the nature of the brain to remember. It is also the nature of the brain to predict so there are those of us just as haunted in the present by […]

The Neurological Effects of Mindfulness


Writings on Mindfulness With K. Neal Hughes, M.A. LSPE NCC There is a science to all of this, and in the absence of science there really is nothing to any of it. How would lasting changes occur in anyone unless neurology was involved? It is my contention that unless spiritual practice touches neurology then no […]

Don’t Let Summer Get the Best of You — 3 Ways to Take Control of Your Life

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3 Tips for Taking Control of Your Life this Summer It’s summertime again! You’ve been waiting since Labor Day for the warm rays of the hot summer sun to come back. It’s time for swimming pools, beach vacations, and backyard cookouts. But don’t lose sight of what’s most important. Here are 3 ways to take […]

A Counselor’s 4 Tips For Surviving Eternal Life

Tips For Surviving Eternal Life

Your Guide to Living Forever A number of recent research studies suggest that scientists are getting closer to extending human life, or eliminating aging altogether. Most recently, a study (using mice) suggested that transfusions of young blood could prevent aging. This begs the question; how will you handle eternal life once it becomes a scientific reality? […]

All I Really Need to Know I Learned … in the 12 Weeks of Summer!

Steps for a Renewed Perspective

12 Action Steps for a Renewed Perspective Hard to believe, but the summer months are fast approaching. Whether you’re a recent graduate, maybe taking summer school classes, looking for a summer job, or perhaps anticipating having some vacation time, your thoughts are likely turning to questions about how you might spend the long twelve weeks […]

6 Tips for Overcoming Your Anxiety of Going to the Chiropractor

Overcoming Your Anxiety of Going to the Chiropractor

Chiropractic Care is Nothing to Fear Are you anxious about visiting the chiropractor for the first time? You’re not alone. It’s completely normal to fear the unfamiliar. But going to chiropractor can be a very positive and therapeutic experience that can improve your overall health. It doesn’t have to be stressful. Common reservations and questions […]

A Journey to Mindfulness

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Starve Ego, Feed the Soul Challenge Day 21: Fessing up to Being Flaky I’m typically a very dependable person. But unfortunately, not so much today when it came to paying at the end of my hair appointment! It slipped my mind that the hair stylist only takes checks or cash. I didn’t have a check […]

Personal Improvement for a Healthy Life – Part 3 Communication


Part 3 – Communication I cannot think of a topic that is more important or one that we take for granted more than communication. Specifically, I wanted to discuss interpersonal communication…you know between you and your spouse or kids or even your boss and coworkers. OK, first let’s do a little test. So how many […]

The Stigma Associated with Counseling in the Black Community

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On average, White Americans are two times more likely to go to counseling than their African American counterparts (source). This disparity isn’t only because African Americans believe mental health services are expensive or costly, either. There is a stigma associated with going to therapy in the black community. People view you as “crazy” or “weak” […]

5 Questions to Ask and 4 Questions NOT to Ask to Help You Find the Right Counselor


A number of people never get counseling because they are afraid they won’t get a counselor that helps them. This fear could cost them an opportunity to get the help they need or the opportunity to simply better themselves. Finding a counselor you feel comfortable with can be a daunting task but not a difficult […]

5 Ways to Get Your Friends Off The Couch


Everyone deserves a little relaxation time built into their day. There is, however, a difference between relaxing and being flat out lazy. So what’s the solution to cure this chronic laziness that seems to have hit each of us at some point? Here are a few suggestions to get your friends (and you) off the couch:

It’s All In Your Imagination: How Your Brain Creates False Memories

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Have you ever wondered whether or not the memory you are recalling actually happened? Probably not. We generally trust ourselves to have accurate memories, especially at a young age. But false memories are a phenomenon that no one is completely safe from. Our minds may be powerful, but they’re not always reliable.

The Mystery and Energy Behind Every Touch


Do you and your loved ones need to keep in touch? We don’t like to be touched. You’ve probably heard the term “personal space” and “bubble” being thrown around by friends and strangers. At the same time, we’re all obsessed with the energy of touch, even if we don’t realize it. Affection, for one thing, […]

Wondering how the ACA (Affordable Care Act) Will Affect Mental Health Care?

Mental Health Care Reform Impacts

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act Let’s start at the beginning: 2008. The Mental Health Parity Act is signed into law in 2008; it required insurance groups that offer coverage for mental health issues (or substance use disorders) to provide the same level of benefits that they would for general medical treatment (such as […]

Violence in our School Systems


The New Reality for School I love the beginning of fall. School has just begun, with all of the excitement and anticipation it brings. It is like the children’s version of New Year’s Eve, but with all of their promises and resolutions for the new school year. While many of us remember the initial first-day-of-school […]

5 Myths About Mental Illness

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What are some myths and misconceptions about mental illness and health? I have spent most of my childhood and adult life around friends and family who suffer from different types of mental health problems. It took me a long time to realize that not everyone has had these experiences, and I am saddened whenever I […]

The Importance of Premarital Counseling

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With nearly half of all marriages ending in divorce, premarital counseling should be sought out when couples are considering getting married (in fact, some states require it for people under 18 years of age). In premarital counseling, couples will learn how to develop the skills to communicate in marriage, identify potential conflict areas, and learn […]

Coping with a Serious Medical Diagnosis – It Takes A Village

Deborah Brigandi

A Serious Medical Diagnosis Living day to day, perhaps we assume that tomorrow will be pretty much like today and most of the time it is. We live our lives, which usually involves taking care of our families, going to work, school, making plans with friends, traveling, achieving our goals, engaging our talents and spending […]

Embracing Change in Your Life

On A Mission To Embrace Change It never fails. I get to about 3:00 in my day and I am starving. There are several fast food restaurants around and sometimes it’s easy to go grab a burger. I have seen the ads on TV and I know exactly what I want. I set out on […]

3 Types of Music That Can Improve Your Life

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Music Makes Things Better Most of us are aware that music can have a bit of an effect on our emotions. Typically, we use our tunes to foster emotions we already have. If we’re feeling energetic, we like to listen to energetic songs. When we’re upset, we like to listen to mellow melodies and so […]

Is Social Media Healthy For Us?

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The Impact of Social Media This discussion comes up quite frequently these days, and as someone who has spent years working in social media marketing, I’ve seen both the good and bad sides of this phenomenon. When I say “social media,” I am referring to the social networks that are becoming more and more prevalent […]

4 Ways to Freshen Your Breath

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Tips For Maintaining Fresh Breath It may sound trivial, but maintaining fresh breath is actually a matter of personal health on top of smelling good. Why? When your breath smells, that’s actually a sign of rotting substances inside your mouth, and no one wants that! So we put together a list of good practices to […]

4 Meat Brands You Won’t Hate to Love

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A recent beef recall here in the United States has sparked discussion among “meatatarians” like myself concerning what we’re really putting into our bodies when it comes to beef, chicken, and pork. Luckily, we are privileged to live in a time when responsible brands that sell healthy meats are far more plentiful and accessible than […]

4 Apps That Can Make Your Life Better


Our smartphones have become essential little devices and are definitely getting more and more integrated into our daily lives. We use apps for everything: social media, games, news, and sharing pictures. One hidden benefit to them, however, is their ability to actually improve your life across multiple levels, so I did a bit of research […]

Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Dr. Joy Harden

Joy Harden-Bradford, Thriveworks Atlanta, was featured in College Lifestyles on how to Boost your Confidence. “A large part of developing confidence is related to creating opportunities in which you can succeed,” -Joy Harden-Bradford, PH.D. Whether its dealing with stress, break-ups or relationship issues, Harden, who is a licensed psychologist, makes it her mission to be your confidant […]

Never be Dehydrated Again with this Aqua-Counting Water Bottle

hydracoach water bottle

We know we’re supposed to drink 64 ounces of H20 a day (remember, 8×8? drink 8, eight ounce glasses of water a day), but who carries around an 8 ounce glass with them everywhere? Even Nalgene and Camelback toting liquidifiles, there’s just no easy way to know if you’re slamming back your daily requisite ounces […]