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Being Happy Pays Off

Your marriage is the most important relationship in your life. Numerous studies have been completed, and the research shows satisfied, committed couples have a number of advantages over single adults and those in unhappy relationships. Some advantages of being with a stable partner include:

  • More Money: Couples in committed relationships are better off financially than single adults.
  • Healthy Habits: Having a partner or spouse means you have someone close who can help you maintain those diet and exercise resolutions you made.
  • Better Mood: Committed couples experience higher levels of serotonin, a major neurotransmitter created in people’s bodies which controls mood.
  • Living Longer: According to studies, couples in committed relationships actually live longer lives than people who are not.

Every Relationship has Issues

However, no relationship flows smoothly all the time. Thriveworks therapists and marriage counselors in Winter Park FL understand that every couple goes through periods when they don’t get along well with their spouse and the love doesn’t seem to be there. Day-to-day life can interfere with your relationship in various ways.

  • Memories from past relationships can arise, causing problems.
  • Work and commuting stress can cause you or your partner to be easily irritated.
  • Repetitive schedules can dull the spark that should shine when you’re together with your partner.

Our relationship professionals believe that couples counseling can help you protect a good thing. Counseling provides a way for you to revitalize your connection with your partner. If your relationship is struggling, our counselors can help you make it good. Even if you feel your relationship is doing well, we can work with you to help make it better.

Thriveworks Winter Park Experts Understand

Our marriage therapists and couples counselors in Winter Park FL want you to have a happy and healthy relationship, and to receive all of the benefits your relationship can provide for both you and your partner. Often a couple will visit because they are dissatisfied with their relationship, but are unsure how to proceed. Thriveworks Winter Park relationship experts can use their education and experience to identify the root cause of issues in a relationship. Once we begin to uncover these hidden challenges and expose them to the light of day, it will allow you and your partner to learn more about yourself and each other. You can begin to open up and share more.

Start the Transformation

Thriveworks couples counselors believe it is within your power to turn things around, to develop the relationship you want. Seeking the help of qualified relationship experts is the best way to begin and probably one of the smartest things you can do. Thriveworks has helped numerous couples in Winter Park and surrounding areas of Florida to improve their relationships. We want to provide you with the same relationship-building tools. Our therapists and counselors will show you how to use these tools to transform your interactions with your partner, giving you the opportunity to make your marriage better.

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