Bullying Counseling in Wilmington, NC—Counselors and Therapists

Bullying Counseling in Wilmington, NC—Counselors and Therapists

Bullying Counseling can help you or your child, but first, it helps to understand what bullying is. Bullying refers to unwelcome or unsolicited acts of violence, aggression, intimidation, harassment, verbal abuse, social exclusion, or sexual coercion, which are enacted with the intent to cause physical or psychological harm. Although bullying most commonly occurs among elementary school-aged students, adolescents, and teens, harassment among adults in the workplace is common and has earned media attention in recent years.

Bullying is not limited to physical aggression and may include acts of verbal aggression, relational (or social) aggression, cyberbullying, workplace harassment, or physical assault. If you or your child are a victim of bullying, please consider reaching out for help from a therapist or psychologist in Wilmington, NC at Thriveworks. Mental health care can help—we offer counseling for this very problem and we want to help you live better.

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Few things are as disempowering as witnessing your child being bullied and feeling unsupported or incapable of ensuring your child’s safety. The highly trained counselors at Thriveworks are available to provide counseling and interventions that support anyone suffering with the aftereffects of being bullied and can enhance psychological well-being and encourage trauma recovery.

Don’t let the words or actions of a bully hold you back from being the person you were meant to be – from doing the things you’ve always wanted to do. Call us today to set up an appointment and put an end to bullying! (910) 247-4818

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