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Throughout life, we will encounter many beginnings and many endings. Sometimes, the endings are necessary and will lead to better things—but that does not make them any less painful, hard, or stressful.

A divorce is one of those endings that will never be easy, even if it is the right decision. The whirlwind of emotions and logistical issues can be overwhelming. The divorce may be tense where you and your partner are not cooperating, or perhaps you are both doing your best, but are still running into issues. And what if you have kids? The added factor is one that can seem insurmountable.

Thriveworks Willow Grove is here so you don’t have to tackle these problems on your own! Our divorce counselors can be a steady hand and calm mind to help you through the stormier parts of this process, so call in and book an appointment today 267-685-3197.

What Is Divorce Counseling?

Just as every divorce is different, so is every counseling session at Thriveworks Willow Grove. Our client-focused practice will always be centered around your goals and desires. We can help you figure out what your goals are and what steps need to be taken to get there. However, in general, most people go through three stages of divorce counseling. Someone might feel they need more guidance during one stage or the other, and some people skip over stages entirely. This is just a rough guideline of what you may experience in divorce counseling:

  1. First, divorce always brings up personal and emotional battles. Sometimes, these battles are too hard to fight alone. Our counselors have helped people through mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, grief, anger, and so much more. These are normal reactions to a divorce, and can happen before, after, or during a divorce. Our Willow Grove counselors understand that every day will have new, confusing emotions and questions. Together, we can work through them and come out healthier and happier!
  2. Secondly, many partners find it helpful to have a liaison to assist with the logistical side of a divorce. A cool, calm presence can work wonders when discussing the hard questions. Or maybe you don’t have a particular problem to work through but want to further your communication skills. Both of these are great reasons to reach out to Willow Grove Thriveworks.
  3. Finally, many people underestimate the hardships that occur after a divorce. Depending on your individual situation and how the divorce panned out, your lifestyle may have completely changed! Not only your day-to-day routine, but also who you spend time with, how you spend money, where you live, etc. The difficulties of a divorce do not end just because the official documents are signed. Thriveworks Willow Grove will make sure your sense of security and well-being is restored so you can go out and live your best life!

Is Divorce Counseling Right for Me?

It’s true that not everyone going through a divorce needs divorce counseling. This does not make you weak for wanting it! Some people just have a phenomenal support system, strong mental health, or just happen to have an easier time adjusting. Their life is not your life though, and if you think a little extra support will be just what you need to have a healthy mental and physical life, you deserve that.

Thriveworks Willow Grove understands that it is still a tough decision to come to counseling. A good way to determine if divorce counseling is right for you is to look at how your life has changed from before the divorce. Of course, it will be different, in both negative and positive ways.

One question to ask is, “Have any negative changes happened in your life since the divorce?” For example, signs that might mean the divorce is causing too much impairment include:

  • The feeling of drowning under all the pressure, stress, or high emotions
  • Reduced pleasure in activities you once enjoyed
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Unusual high levels of anger, depression, or anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Withdrawal from social events and contact with friends/family
  • Unusual eating habits (loss of appetite or uncontrollable eating)
  • Inability or impairment of ability to perform basic or essential tasks
  • Getting “stuck” or the inability to effectively communicate with your partner

Everyone’s divorce experience is different. The best gauge to determine if divorce counseling is right for you will always be you! If you decide to take the next step and reach out for help, our Therapists at Willow Grove Thriveworks will be here to help.

What About the Kids?

If you have a child, their wellbeing is probably one of your primary goals. Many pervasive stereotypes exist that divorce does irreparable damage on children. But research has proven this is not always true. Oftentimes, two good homes are better than one bad home. Divorce will of course be difficult on your child, but they can still thrive now and in the future.

Thriveworks Willow Grove understands divorce can be a confusing time for children and adolescents. We always offer a nonjudgmental space so they can process their emotions and move forward. Our counselors see children struggling with hurt, abandonment, or guilt. This is by no means a representation of your parenting! You want the best for your kids, and we always work to strengthen the parent-child relationship.

You want to give your child all the love and attention they deserve, but a divorce can quickly interfere with that. Willow Grove Thriveworks can step in here and be that needed support system for your child while you work through the divorce. At the end of it all, your child can be happy and your relationship with them as strong as ever!

Can You Help with Co-Parenting?

Yes! Learning how to co-parent can have a steep-learning curve—you’re learning a new style of parenting after all! At times, it can feel impossible. But with a little extra guidance, this too will be a problem you overcome.

Just because you are co-parenting doesn’t mean your role as a parent is any less important. It takes time to learn and implement but will be incredibly rewarding once you have it down effectively! Thriveworks Willow Grove wants to stress that you are not a “bad” parent for needing some help co-parenting. Most people do!

Divorces will always be hard, and we can’t stop the pain and stress from happening. But our Therapists at Thriveworks Willow Grove can help you manage it a little better and come out as a happier, healthier person and family, so call now for an appointment 267-685-3197. Thriveworks Willow Grove offers both daytime and evening hours. There is no waiting list and we accept most major insurance plans and offer affordable rates. We are located in Montgomery County so if you are looking for divorce counseling in Willow Grove, divorce counseling in Abington, divorce Counseling in Hatboro or divorce counseling in Huntingdon Valley, our office will be convenient for you. Take back your life by contacting us today!

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