What is What!?

What is What!?

We know there are lots of opportunities here at Thriveworks to help you succeed and grow as a clinician; so many that it may be hard for you to keep up with what is what! We created this page to provide a little more explanation about what these things are and how they can help you!

Curvebreaker Workshop

The Curvebreaker Workshops are a segment of our Professional Development Program and provide ongoing training and community building for all of our valued Thriveworks Clinicians, on a monthly basis.  Thriveworks Clinical Gurus have experience and expertise on a specific topic, modality, or population present and answer questions from clinicians.

Discussion Forums

Thriveworks has discussions forums, or email groups, that are geared towards specific topics that clinicians have questions about or want to receive feedback on. Some of these topics include EMDR, Play Therapy, Substance Abuse, Trauma, Psych Testing, and Couples. If you would like to be added to one of these groups or have an idea for a discussion group, please let your RCD know!

Safe Spaces

Thriveworks is creating Safe Spaces via Zoom video conference to provide a place for Thriveworks’ company clinicians to come together and communicate about their experiences with marginalization. All clinicians are welcome to attend. Our hope is that this will provide our clinical team members the opportunity to talk openly about how they’re feeling as clinicians in the complex world that we live in and feel confident that they will not be discriminated against, criticized, harassed or harmed emotionally or professionally based on biological sex, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, cultural background, age, or physical or mental ability. A separate zoom meeting is also available on a monthly basis for our corporate administrative team.

Case Consultation Group

Any clinicians who are seeking to enhance and improve upon their skills in providing services for their clients are strongly encouraged to attend our Clinical Consultation Group. This is a great opportunity to receive excellent clinical training with high caliber supervision group facilitators. All Thriveworks clinicians are invited to attend the bi-weekly Clinical Case Consultation groups to discuss clinical cases and both receive and provide support to others. Our clinical consultation leaders bring years of experience in the human service and mental health field and currently offer groups for: General Case Consultation, Couples Counseling, and Children and Adolescents. 

Monthly Peer Collaboration Lunch

We love team collaboration, and we love food! This is a chance for you to get together with your local clinical team, sometimes in office and sometimes online, and share lunch. It provides the opportunity to know each other better and talk about difficult cases you could use some input on. Currently, some offices have put this on hold because of COVID; if this is something you are interested in getting involved in please reach out to your Lead Clinician or RCD!

Weekly Opportunities to Achieve (OTA)

While onboarding and getting started with Thriveworks you receive a LOT of information on how to work within our systems. Weekly Opportunities to Achieve (OTA) is your chance to ask any additional questions you have after going through onboarding to set yourself up for success at Thriveworks! Maybe you need a refresher on how something works six months down the road, just hop in this weekly meeting and all of your questions will be answered!

RCD Office Hours

Our Regional Clinic Directors want to make it very easy for you to get in touch with them, and give you that open-door feeling, they have set aside some appointment slots so you can book one on one time with them during the week, with or without notice. 

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