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“I love my wife, but I have to admit that sometimes it’s frustrating how much I have to do after I get home. I work about twelve hours a day, and I love it, but as my wife does not have to work it’s frustrating to come home after a long day and be asked to cook dinner or go get takeout. It’s not that I think she doesn’t do anything—she certainly keeps the house clean and gets our daughter ready in the morning—but to be honest some days I struggle with figuring out what else she did during the day. For the most part, we are happy, but this really bothers me, yet I don’t want to start a fight by bringing it up.”

Jeb and his wife could benefit from a few sessions with a couples counselor. Their issues are not major, but if not addressed they could become so. They have some disagreements about how household responsibilities should be divided, but equally concerning is Jeb’s resistance to bringing up a sensitive issue. The wonderful thing about seeing a couples therapist is that they are nonjudgmental, neutral third parties. Jeb and his wife can talk to the therapist and trust that they will support the couple in developing the healthy relationship dynamic that works for them.

When to Talk to a Counselor

It’s time to talk to a couples counselor if negativity in your relationship is impacting your daily activities, if you disagree more than you agree, and yes, if instead of disagreeing, your relationship has devolved into one of apathy.

Clients pursue couples counseling for many reasons and all of them are valid. If you think your relationship could be stronger, Thriveworks Westwood MA couples counseling can help. Below is a brief list of reasons couples begin counseling:

  • Infidelity
  • Financial disagreement
  • Disagreement about whether to have children or how to raise them
  • Disagreement about who how to make decisions when neither partner agrees on the correct course of action
  • Disagreement about how much time the couple should spend together
  • Sexual intimacy issues, including frequency, acceptable practices, and issues involving physical dysfunction
  • Constant fighting, even when the core reason isn’t clear

If one of the issues above looks familiar, or even if none of them looked familiar but you know things could be better, it may be time to talk to a professional. Thriveworks Westwood MA counselors have significant experience in helping couples rebuild their relationships, and they are ready to put that experience to work for you and your partner.

How Can Counseling Help?

“We aren’t taught how to be in relationships or deal with the conflicts that come up” (Bienvenu). The reason that, statistically, people whose parents had a successful marriage are more likely to have successful long-term relationships is simple: the only way we learn how to be in a romantic relationship is by observing one. No one pulls us aside and teaches us techniques for intimacy, communication, and mutual support. Counseling can be that teacher. A professional couples counselor can teach you communication skills, help you translate your partner’s love language, and can help you develop strong conflict management and compromising skills. With those skills, you’ll be able to navigate the difficulties that will inevitably arise. After couples counseling, many relationships are actually stronger than they were during the rosy first years.

It’s worth pointing out that Thriveworks Westwood couples counselors will never take sides—that’s not our job. Instead, we’ll work to help you learn about each other and develop a shared vision for your relationship.

Thriveworks Couples and Marriage Therapy

Your romantic relationship should be a source of comfort and support during the good times and the bad. If your relationship is having more bad times than good, if you miss the closeness you once shared, contact Thriveworks Westwood MA. So many couples have been helped by couples counseling, and we’re ready to help you. Our office doesn’t keep a waiting list, and we can usually see you within 24 hours of your initial call. Don’t wait any longer—the help you need to rebuild your relationship is only a call away.

Further Reading
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