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Addiction is a very serious problem, accounting for many deaths every year. Overdoses are on the rise, and drugs like heroin are reaching even the most rural areas of the country, ravaging communities and families. Whether you are dealing with an addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine, or even food, Thriveworks Westwood can help. When you have been dealing with an addiction for a long time, it can be difficult to imagine your life without this substance. But real change is possible. The first step is recognizing the problem, and then reaching out for help. If you are at the point that you are looking for help, you have come to the right place. Thriveworks Westwood can be your trusted partner in recovery,

If you are dealing with a loved one that is struggling with an addiction, every day can be a challenge. You are left feeling lonely, isolated, and scared. If your spouse is struggling with an addiction, your financial situation as a family may be in jeopardy and your quality of life may be threatened. If you are dealing with a child or teenager that is struggling with an addiction, every night can be wrought with worry. Wondering if your son or daughter will come home, if you will get that dreaded phone call; it’s too much for one person to deal with alone. When you connect with Thriveworks Westwood, you are partnering with a trusted resource for help and hope for your family.

Forms of Addiction

Addiction comes in many different types of varieties. When someone becomes so reliant on a substance or behavior, and it impairs their ability to work or maintain relationships, they are struggling with an addiction. Addiction can develop at any age, and affects all socioeconomic groups and cultures.

Addiction is generally broken down into substance abuse or alcohol addiction, and then behavioral addictions. The substance abuse and alcohol addictions are fairly straightforward to explain. These are addictions to legal or illegal substances that a person becomes completely reliant on to function.

Behavioral addictions are things that create a high by something other than drugs or alcohol. These include food addiction, sex addiction, shopping addiction, gambling addiction, video game addiction, plastic surgery addiction, and others. The treatment for these types of addictions vary based on the specific type of addiction and where a person is at in their recovery. But when you choose Thriveworks Westwood, we will match you with a provider that can meet your distinct need.

Types of Treatment

Usually, if you or your loved one is in the midst of a serious substance abuse problem, the first step will be to get clean. There are many different ways to do this, and different types of programs that can help. After this is accomplished, and detox is well under way, other forms of counseling and treatment can begin. Depending on the person and the situation, different forms of counseling will be more effective. Continue reading to learn more about different types of addiction treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In this type of therapy, the addict is taught to recognize their thought processes, moods, and behaviors in relation to their drug. When a person begins to recognize their cues, stressors, and triggers, they can learn to avoid them and deal with them in a realistic and healthy manner when they occur. Healthy habits can replace the unhealthy coping mechanisms that led to the addiction.

Motivational Interviewing. In this form of counseling, the therapist works to understand what is motivating the client for success. By understand the client’s most treasured reasons for wanting to overcome addiction, the therapist then is able to help them remember these, and make them a tangible reason for continuing success.

Couples and family therapy. The need for family involvement in victory over addiction is well established. Strong, positive relationships are essential to success. When family is involved in recovery, the rate of success improves a great deal. Ther person has their biggest reward right in front of them, and they are reminded of why they are trying to stay clean and healthy.

There are many more different types of addiction treatment. The most important part of treatment is staying clean and sober, but there are a great deal of emotional and psychological processes involved other than simply dealing with the substance abuse. We will address the entire person, and all aspects of their wellness. The addiction experts at Thriveworks Westwood will be able to create a plan that is personally designed for you. We will help you create a plan of action, and then walk with you every step of the way, and help you evaluate your progress.

Why Choose Thriveworks Westwood?

At Thriveworks Westwood, Massachusetts, we have trained, licensed, experienced professionals standing by to help you find lasting victory over your addiction. Whatever you bring to our counseling room, we are ready and able to help you process. There is no need to be embarrassed or hesitant about reaching out for help. At Thriveworks Westwood, we can help you become the person that you once were, without being crippled by addiction. We can partner with the entire family to help each member understand the addiction, and make healthy changes to support the health and well-being of each member.

Many offices operate with long waiting lists and limited hours. At Thriveworks Westwood, we are different. We recognize that you have been struggling for a long time and that it was probably difficult to pick up the phone and call us for the very first time. For that reason, we pride ourselves on not operating with a waiting list. In most cases, we have appointments available within 24 hours for new clients. We want to be ready when you are ready for a change.

Why wait any longer? Partner with a trusted resource to overcome your addiction. There is no need to struggle alone for even one more day. Maintain your sobriety, reclaim your life, and create the future you want and need, for both yourself, and your family.

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