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Each day, it seems as if the 6 o’clock newscast brings the latest tragedy. Each day is full of setbacks and hardships. Whether they occur in people’s personal lives, within their communities, or at their jobs, life is full of heartache and sadness. And yet, if most people stop and think, they could probably identify at least one or two people in their lives who are genuinely happy. They experience the same crazy world as everyone else, but joy characterizes their lives. They have bad days and receive unwelcomed news just like anyone else, but somehow their happiness remains relatively stable. Pharrell sings about them,

Here come bad news talking this and that
Yeah, give me all you got, don’t hold back
Yeah, well I should probably warn you I’ll be just fine
Yeah, no offense to you don’t waste your time
Here’s why: Because I’m happy…

Most people want this resilient happiness within their lives, but is that possible? Magazines, podcasts, and blogs have innumerable suggests about how to be a happier person: Try yoga. Do not eat that food. Have this many friends. Sleep enough—but not too much. Maybe these suggests work, maybe they do not. It can be difficult to distinguish between sound mental health advice and clickbait.

The good news is that research has shown that people can increase the level of happiness they experience. In many ways, experiencing more happiness is a similar process as building up physical strength. People have varying levels of physical strength, but anyone can improve their muscle tone. Similarly, everybody experiences different levels of joy, but anyone can increase the amount of happiness they feel.

Of course, the process takes time and intentional effort. Many people reach out for professional guidance when working toward a happier life, just as they look to a personal trainer to improve their physical strength.

Thriveworks Westminster knows how to guide people toward a happier, more joyful life. We have helped many clients find emotional health habits that cultivate happiness.

Where Do Happy Feelings Come From?

Can you relate to any of these scenarios?

  • Did you get the bonus at work? Yes, it is going to be a good week. No, my week is ruined.
  • Did you team win this week? Yes, I’m on cloud nine. No, don’t talk to me.
  • How is today’s weather? Beautiful, I cannot wait for the day. Terrible, it ruined my plans.

Most likely, you can relate to these or similar scenarios because most people allow people and/or situations they cannot manage to determine whether or not they feel happiness. People can control how hard they work at their job, but they cannot force their boss to give them a raise. People can choose to enjoy a sporting event, but they have no influence upon the outcome of the game. People can make plans, but they cannot make the weather cooperate.

There is no limit to the scenarios people turn to for happiness, and as long as people have no control over these scenario, their happiness will also feel out of control. While life’s circumstances will always have a role in how much happiness people feel, each individual has significant control over when, where, and how they experience joy. People can learn to eliminate habits that harm joy and cultivate new habits that promote it.

Habits that Steal Joy

There are many personal habits that people indulge and that also steal their joy. Identifying these habits and cutting them out may lead to more happiness:

  • Entitlement: Happiness is not given but earned. As The Declaration of Independence explains, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
  • Comparison: Eyeing what others do, have, and are may be the quickest way to dampen happiness.
  • Blame: There is always a reason not to be happy, but conversely, there is always a reason to feel joyful. People choose what path they take.

Habits that Promote Joy

Just as people can undermine their own happiness with certain emotional habits, so can they cultivate their own happiness with certain emotional habits. Examples of habits that promote joy include:

  • Prioritizing thankfulness – Gratitude trains people’s hearts and minds to see the good things in their lives. Even in the hardest circumstances, there is beautiful if people are willing to see it.
  • Practicing mindfulness – Think, feel, and be without judgment or labels. Develop a deep self-awareness and self-understanding.
  • Striving toward a goal – If people establish goals for their professional and personal life, they often also create excitement and anticipation within their lives.

Growing stronger physically takes time and effort. There are no silver bullets or quick fixes. The same holds true with growing happier. Cutting out negativity and building up positivity requires intentional work, but it is possible. Many people are learning how to live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Counseling for Increasing Happiness Help at Thriveworks Westminster

If you want a happier life but are not sure what steps to take, you are not alone. Many people want more happiness, and they are asking for help from mental health professionals. Thriveworks Westminster sees many clients who are working toward a more joyful life, and we have appointments available for increasing happiness help.

When you reach out to our office, know that weekend and evening sessions are offered. We accept many forms of insurance. Instead of keeping a waitlist, we work to allow most new clients to meet with their therapist as soon as possible. Contact Thriveworks Westminster today. We are ready to get started.

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