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Her friends have noticed that Cindy always insists on going straight home after a shared meal. On the rare occasion she doesn’t, she usually disappears into the restroom at the restaurant for a somewhat extended period of time. She’s also very thin. It took a few months, but her friends have finally realized Cindy has anorexia.

Eating disorders are serious illnesses that can manifest at any stage of life and in either gender, though we most commonly associate them with teenage girls. Eating disorders occur because of concerns overweight and appearance, but also as a way to express control over lives that may otherwise seem out of control. This can particularly be the case after a trauma. Counseling for anorexia and bulimia is available at Thriveworks West Lake Hills. We’ll work with you to establish a plan for creating a healthier relationship with food—and yourself.

Anorexia and Bulimia Counseling

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are the two most common eating disorders. They can each be life threatening (The Mayo Clinic).

Anorexia nervosa is characterized by a distortion of body image that results in using extreme measures to control weight, including limiting calories, using diet aids, or vomiting after eating. These measures typically interfere with both the sufferer’s health and their participation in normal life activities. Physically, those suffering from anorexia are often underweight.

On the other hand, those suffering from bulimia typically have episodes of binging that result in feeling a lack of control over eating. Following the binge, the person experiences negative feelings about their lack of control and purges the food—and then may go through a period of restriction. Physically, those with bulimia are usually at a normal weight or a bit overweight.

The Feelings Behind Eating Disorders

Though eating disorders do develop exclusively over concern about one’s appearance, they also develop alongside or after a trauma in many cases. Trauma, particularly sexual trauma, often leaves the victim feeling out of control, and exercising control over food and one’s own body offers a way to restore some sense of control. After all, even adults have plenty of items to tick of their to-do list every day. From getting gas to drive to work, to picking up kids on the way home, many of the things we do each day are not really optional. Eating isn’t truly optional either, but the way in which we go about it—what, when, and how much to eat—is under our control. That control can be tempting to cling to if life otherwise feels chaotic, for whatever reason.

How Are Eating Disorders Treated?

By making an appointment with us, you’ve already taken the first step. At Thriveworks West Lake Hills, we’re trained to treat persons dealing with each type of eating disorder, and we’re invested in helping you heal. Seeking counseling for anorexia and bulimia, especially if you’ve never had counseling, may seem a little scary at first, but once you make the appointment and begin addressing your concerns, the relief will be worth it. Our friendly, trained therapists will put you at ease as you begin your journey to wellness.

At Thriveworks West Lake Hills, we see patients with eating disorders individually. Since bulimia and anorexia are such serious illnesses, we will likely discuss with you whether or not you’re seeing a physician. Seeing a physician to get a checkup can be a life-saving part of eating-disorder therapy, particularly if the patient is significantly underweight or has other issues caused by, for example, excessive vomiting.

Much of therapy involved in treating eating disorders revolves around learning to recognize and change unhealthy thought patterns or beliefs (The National Institute of Mental Health). If trauma is present along with the eating disorder, we will work with you to process that trauma, and along with it, help you learn to change your thoughts and beliefs surrounding food and eating.

Signs of an Eating Disorder—For Friends and Family

The signs of an eating disorder are often overlooked, but are fairly easy to spot. Signs include (The Mayo Clinic):

  • Skipping meals
  • Excessive focus on healthy eating
  • Withdrawing from normal social activities
  • Persistent concern over weight
  • Frequently checking appearance in the mirror
  • Expressing negative feelings about eating habits
  • The person’s weight seems to be dropping rapidly

Though of course no one wants their friend or family member to go through such a difficult experience, it can be tough to know what to do once an eating disorder is suspected. Approaching someone with a suspected eating disorder is a very sensitive matter, one that deserves to be treated carefully and with purposeful knowledge.

A group of friends and/or family may decide to hold an intervention. During an intervention, a small group of the concerned come together and confront the person with the eating disorder. It’s important that the group has rehearsed what they will say ahead of time, uses nonblaming “I” statements such as “I’m concerned about your health…” or “I care about your health and happiness…,” and has examples ready to give the person about times they have observed him or her engaging in the unhealthy behavior.

Finally, it’s very important those holding the intervention have treatment plans already available for the friend or relative to consider.

Thriveworks West Lake Hills Anorexia and Bulimia Counseling

Our trained counselors at Thriveworks West Lake Hills frequently see people suffering from eating disorders. We’ve helped many patients recover and we’re ready to help you. Eating disorders are life-threateningly serious, so if you have or suspect you have one, call us today. We can usually get you an appointment within 24 hours, so there’s no need to wait any longer for help.

Thriveworks Counseling West Lake Hills

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margie : can you do the gold on the black? aston

Amazing!!! I am beyond happy with the services provided by Dr. Nunez. She has been so amazing with my children and I am beyond grateful for her and ThriveWorks. I’d recommend her to anyone. She is incredibly talented and listens without judgement. If I could I’d give her a zillion stars for having the most positive, profound impact on our lives!
Thriveworks Counseling West Lake Hills

Linda is amazing saved my life.

I needed someone who was strong, kind, listened and was action oriented who had the experience to deal with the trauma I was struck with when I experienced severe loss of a loved one in 2016. Linda was and is present, intelligent, professional, human, warm and kind and at every session she has offered me practical solutions to face my life and my day to day activities. I highly recommend her. She Is so good it is very hard to get an appointment with her but if you can get one keep it. She is fabulous and will heal your spirit and soul in a safe and loving place. I love her strength more than anything and her optimism that anyone can get to a better place and not be stuck in pain and hopelessness. She is healing my heart and I feel like I have found a person who truly cares. This is a very good place.
Thriveworks Counseling West Lake Hills


I am gonna cry as I write this review... I have been working with Linda M. since I was married to my abusive ex husband and through my single time and my time meeting and marrying my current very wonderful husband. She has pushed me to be the very best person I can be and literally saved my life on several occasions. I'm moving to VA so I can't see Linda anymore and I'm telling you, this is my hardest goodbye. This woman is beyond amazing. She has forced me to take a good hard look at myself and work on everything: anxiety, borderline and PTSD to make me be a better person. You CANNOT go wrong with Linda. It's amazing how much one person and one session can change your life. I've tried therapy before, many times, with no luck until I got dragged to Thriveworks by someone close to me who wanted therapy to fix me! Well it didn't "fix me" it made me a totally new person. A happier, more confident person willing to take on the world. I even wanted Linda to come to my wedding, but knew she couldn't as she is very professional and this is against policy. But I would have had her there in a heart beat!
Thriveworks Counseling West Lake Hills


The office is quiet and peaceful. It is hard to beat an appointment within 24 hours and no waiting once you get there.
Thriveworks Counseling West Lake Hills

Lisa McCafferty

Sadly, I was in at vulnerable time and felt taken advantage of with Lisa. She was late for appointments and cut appointments short with no apology. I had been charged for full appointments. If the patient is late or misses, we are charged regardless of the circumstances. Unfortunately, it doesn't go the other way with the therapists. I felt she was defended by Thriveworks for her actions. I can only hope that for the sake of the patients this will change.
Thriveworks Counseling West Lake Hills

Therapist dumped my teen daughter

My teenage daughter with diagnosed social anxiety and anxiety and depression was dropped because your counselor could not meet at times that worked for the patient. No other doctor was recommended. A nice note was written but now I’m empty handed with a serious situation. And you all dumped us.
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