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Infatuation Brings a Rush of Feelings

Most of us are familiar with the infatuation stage of a relationship. The giddiness and excitement anticipating the arrival of our paramour. The way our stomach seems to squeeze and bounce as we’re talking with them and sharing glances. The flush that covers our face when we move in for that first kiss. No matter the age, this stage affects everyone. While infatuation is fun while it lasts, a lasting relationship requires more than infatuation. You may be able to quickly find a partner, but keeping them requires work.

After Infatuation, Now What?

Building a healthy relationship doesn’t happen overnight, but with effort and the right steps, you and your partner can help lay the foundation for a relationship that lasts. Many couples counselors and therapists in Wake Forest NC suggest some of these tips to help build your relationship.

Be Open – To develop a healthy relationship, you have to be vulnerable. Make a conscious effort to drop your guard when your with your partner and share who you really are.

Be Honest –
If you want a healthy relationship, you can’t play games with your partner. These games include silly things like, “Don’t call him, he has to call me first,” or, “Wait at least 15 minutes before responding to this text.” Instead, simply provide honest communications.

Ask “Why?” – You should take the time to analyze what it is that really attracted you to your partner. Be aware if you find yourself looking only at superficial characteristics.

Be Fair – Many of us have that inner voice, that cynic in our heads that seems set on making us fail. This voice usually uses phrases like, “He really doesn’t like you,” or “You’re stupid for saying that.” The cynic makes you doubt almost everything in the relationship. Don’t listen. Instead, look at things honestly and don’t give up before you’ve given the relationship a chance.

Be Observant – Try to discern whether the person has characteristics that would help them fit well with you. Do you have compatible values? Are your goals similar?

As you work together with your partner, you find out the best way to build a relationship that can stand the test of time.

Help Developing a Healthy Relationship

Whether your relationship is a few months old, or many years, Thriveworks Wake Forest counselors and therapists offer strategies that can help you develop a healthy relationship with your partner. Our staff has worked to attain at least a master’s level education in mental health, counseling or a related field. We couple this education with practical experience assisting other couples build healthy relationships. This knowledge and experience equips our staff with the skills to assist you.

Our professionals truly care about you and your relationship. We understand that you are a unique individual, with your own experiences that shape the way you think and feel about relationships. Your past greatly influences what you expect from a relationship, and from your partner.

Get More Information

Thriveworks counselors and therapists in Wake Forest NC are available to help you and your partner, whether it be a small number of visits to help make sure your relationship is on track, or a more sessions to allow you to address larger issues. To learn more about our availability, contact one of our staff members.

To find out more about how one of our Thriveworks Wake Forest counselors can help, call (919) 435-3047.

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