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Breakup Therapy in Tucson East, AZ—Therapists and Counselors

Relationships play a very significant role in people’s lives. That’s why a breakup can be very frustrating and painful. The following is a list of signs that will let you know if you need breakup counseling:

  • You have self-esteem issues including feeling unattractive, feeling like you are not good enough, or worthlessness exacerbated by feelings of being rejected
  • You feel overwhelmed by questions of why and how the breakup happened
  • You are pre-occupied with thoughts and images of the breakup, or your ex-partner.
  • You are worried that you might not be able to find another partner in the future
  • You’re worried that your ex-partner will be happier with someone else
  • You keep avoiding your former partner or the places you used to go together
  • You keep having a strong desire to contact your ex-partner
  • You keep hoping that you will get back together in the future
  • You feel devastated by the fact that a relationship that had defined you for a long time has ended
  • You feel like you’ve been robbed of a future with a person you admired and loved deeply
  • You have a constant desire to drive past your ex’s house
  • You are overwhelmed by emotions, which may include guilt, hopelessness, feelings of loss, confusion, distress, anxiety, panic, and stress.

At Thriveworks Tucson East, we understand the emotional stress that people undergo when a valued relationship ends.  Connect with Thriveworks Tucson East today to begin your healing process by calling (520) 827-6372.

Why is Breakup Counseling Important?

Breakup counseling is critical and it does work. It helps individuals get over the anger caused by breaking up. In addition, breakup counseling helps individuals deal with the frustration caused by the lack of answers for why the breakup had to happen.

Breakup counseling at Thriveworks Tucson East enables individuals to start working on their grieving and recovery process. It helps individuals from broken relationships put their past relationships aside and move forward.

How Does Breakup Therapy Work?

Thriveworks Tucson East therapists understand that the sadness and anger caused by a breakup can be overwhelming. Therefore, if you realize that you are not able to go about your day-to-day activities, you are oversleeping, or you tend to isolate yourself from friends and family, you may want to consider seeking professional counseling with a breakup counselor at Thriveworks Tucson East. Your therapist will help you make sense of your situation, and help you get over your distress, worry, pain and uncomfortable feelings that you may be experiencing during the breakup period.

In addition, speaking to a counselor at Thriveworks Tucson East helps to address all your unanswered questions regarding the breakup, which may range from,

  • “Why did this have to happen to me?”
  • “Will I ever be okay again?”
  • “What is the best way to get closure?”

If you have these and many more questions regarding your just ended relationship, your therapist at Thriveworks Tucson East will help you address them.

In addition, working with your therapist will help you start the journey of reclaiming your life. With that in mind, your therapist will listen to you non-judgmentally so that you feel understood. In other words, breakup counselors at Thriveworks understand that validating the feelings of a heart-broken person is essential for healing.

Breakup counseling focuses on helping individuals to:

  • Perceive the breakup as an opportunity for growth and change. It helps individuals make sense of their situation and resolve the troubles in their life.
  • It links individuals to the past by helping them create a relationship inventory
  • Build a story of what could have gone wrong in previous relationships
  • Develop self-compassion and incorporate it in their day-to-day life.

Schedule Breakup Counseling at Thriveworks Tucson East

Are you looking to start a new relationship after a breakup or divorce? Are you feeling worried that you might end up repeating the same mistakes that ruined your previous relationship?

When people form relationships, they want something solid and lasting. Oftentimes, this is not the case. This happens because couples tend to make the same mistakes, which they transfer from one relationship to another.  It is possible to break this pattern of constant disappointment and repetitive mistakes through the support of therapists at Thriveworks Tucson East.

At Thriveworks Tucson East, we will work with you to help you move past troubled relationships. In addition, your therapist will work with you and help you replace unwanted behaviors with more acceptable and result-oriented behaviors.

Speaking with a therapist at Thriveworks Tucson East is the first step towards recovering from the hurtful breakup. Therapy will help you to process what transpired, as well as equip you with skills that will help you start living and loving yourself as a single person.  You can schedule an appointment with a counselor or therapist at Thriveworks Tucson East by calling (520) 827-6372 or scheduling online. We accept various insurance plans. We offer early morning, daytime, and evening sessions, as well as weekend sessions depending on your availability.

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