Transferring a Counseling License

There are some things in life that we never look forward to. They include:

  • Funerals
  • Root Canals, and
  • Transferring a Counseling License to another state

psychotherapyIf you’re on this page, perhaps you’ve heard the horror stories, such as the one published by licensed counselor Thomas Sherman, in Counseling Today magazine. Thomas’ licensing journey took him 6 months, and he spent countless hours going back and forth between licensing boards in two states that were often unresponsive, and often on vacation.

Thomas writes,

“After waiting several weeks into June, I called the counseling board … to see if it had received my licensure verification form. I was told the person with access to the files was on vacation and would “be back sometime next week.” The next week, I called several times … only to be informed that the form had not yet been received. This person also told me that if the form was not received by July 15, I would have to wait until Aug. 15 … I called my former licensing board to inquire … A voice mail greeted me, informing me the board had a high volume of applications … I called several times until finally reaching an actual human …I told this person the check for the verification fee I had sent with the form had been cashed in June, but as of July, my new counseling board had not received the form. This person told me my former counseling board met only once per month and had already convened …”

And that is just a small excerpt! If you’re getting ready to follow in Thomas’ footsteps you might be wondering “what other choice do I have?”

Thriveworks Can Help

As a counselor, you have a lot on your plate. We know that the life of a counselor isn’t easy, and there always seem to be another something that needs attention.

Add to one’s already heavy workload everything that’s involved in relocating, and it’s no wonder that so many counselors there’s just no time left to get involved in the license transfer process.

A Thriveworks, we can take the burden of transferring your license to another state off your shoulders. We file the paperwork. We do the legwork.  We facilitate the process until your license is fully transferred and instated in your new state.

At Thriveworks, we specialize in the business of counseling so that you can focus on your passion – helping clients.

Contact us toll-free at 1-855-664-5154.

License Transfer Service offered as low as $299!