Sylmar CA Couples and Marriage Counseling

Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy in Sylmar, CA

Seeking the help of couples counseling and marriage therapy is wise for relationships undergoing both large and small issues. Couples that experience a variety of issues find counseling is beneficial in fostering good communications skills and improved relationships.

Couples counseling and marriage therapy at Thriveworks in Sylmar, CA has helped countless couples experiencing a diversity of issues. Qualified therapists help their clients find new insights and work on skills that positively affect their relationships.

Whether relationships are undergoing a seemingly monumental crisis or a smaller conflict, they can be examined with the help of the professional therapists at Thriveworks. Couples have found assistance from the therapists at Thriveworks, who are able to help them with their issues and guide them in the direction of positive relationships. Building a better partnership is possible, and it starts here. Some of the issues couples experience are:

Difficulty in Resolving Differences
When problem-solving everyday issues becomes a “who’s right” versus “who’s wrong” situation, settling the smallest discussions turns into a battle. The side effects of nasty fighting are emotional and physical—one may intimidate or dominate a partner and the other may give in and give up. Many couples know the problem, but they don’t know how to “fix it”—plus knowing is only half the battle. Couples that are “stuck” may be able to move in the right direction when they learn to solve problems constructively together and cut their risk for stress-related health problems at the same time.

Separation as the Only Resolution

Sometimes when a couple disagrees or argues, a break can be helpful. However, there may be trouble ahead when the time apart turns into an overnight stay away from home or leads to a temporary separation. Spending time away from home does not usually solve the problems in the relationship. It reinforces the thought that time away is helpful and can often lead to more time away. When the absent partner returns home, the problem still remains—it is avoided because time has passed.

Staying Together for the Children

Couples often think they are doing the right thing by staying together for the children when it is actually detrimental to them. Although couples feel they are able to fake happiness, children are generally intuitive, intelligent and able to tell. On the contrary, if the couple is able to resolve the issue and move toward a positive, healthy relationship, it may be the best decision for all parties. In couples counseling, some couples might find it is healthier for them to be apart while others are willing to commit to the process of counseling and salvage their relationship.

Difficulty Speaking Up

When one person in a relationship does not speak up or voice thoughts and feelings, it can lead to an unbalanced partnership. Sometimes individuals have a fear of hurting the other, feel they will not be heard or are not sure they can put thoughts and feelings into words. In healthy relationships, it is vital for both partners to speak up in a kind way to be heard and in an assertive way to own their statements and responses. When thoughts and feelings are unspoken and “swept under the rug,” they are being repressed and stored up as resentment. At some point, even the most non-assertive, quiet person will get to that last straw and may even explode. It is much healthier to address issues as they occur.

These are only a sample of the issues couples may experience in their relationships. Whether there are a few ups and downs or what seems to be an insurmountable issue, there is help. Schedule a session with Thriveworks Sylmar, CA to find out more about how couples counseling and marriage therapy can help your relationship get on the road to a healthier, stronger relationship.

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