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People who are going through a period of loneliness or isolation can fall victim to a host of bad thoughts and feelings. Left unchecked, it can result in depression and other serious issues. If you’re feeling lonely and / or isolated, keep these four facts in mind.

1. There is a world outside your head

It’s a common problem: a person begins to feel lonely, isolated, or down, and then all they think about is how they shouldn’t be feeling this way or how they wish they weren’t feeling this way. It’s a common problem but remember that the feelings of rejection and of not being accepted are likely only true in your own head.

2. A simple phone call can help

One of the reasons some people feel lonelier today than in the past is because they share so much on social media. When they get a new job, go through a loss, or have other news to report, they’re more likely to post about it online than call up a friend for support or congratulations. When’s the last time you made a phone call? You may be surprised by how much it can help.

3. It is within your power to make time for relationships

These days, many people simply feel too busy to make time for real relationships. It can feel like that’s true but it’s really all about prioritizing. After all, if your doctor told you that you needed to make time for a medical procedure you would, wouldn’t you? Treat the relationships in your life like they’re medicine for your soul because that’s just what they are.

4. There is help out there for you

There are counselors trained specifically in helping people through loneliness and isolation. At Thriveworks St. Petersburg Counseling & Coaching we have many ideas and suggestions to help you move through this process. Let us give you the personalized attention your situation deserves.

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