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Restful, restorative sleep can quickly turn into a restless nightmare when insomnia strikes. Many people experience sleep disruptions. But without enough sleep, our minds and bodies do not receive the rest and rejuvenation they need every night. Restless nights have undesirable consequences for the day: difficulty focusing, irritability, and fatigue can lead to strained relationships, poor work performance, and even automobile accidents.

Often, people who live with insomnia’s undesirable effects are desperate for help and will try solutions they found online or home remedies, but people may need more to overcome insomnia.

Have you live with disrupted sleep but are ready for make some changes? Insomnia therapy at St. Petersburg, FL has helped many clients make adjustments in their lives that help promote restful sleep at night. Our therapists take a holistic approach, and many clients now experienced restored sleep and the rest their minds and bodies need.

Insomnia and Its Effects

It’s not a surprise: people need sleep. A good night’s sleep can restore people’s skeletal, immune, nervous, and muscular systems. Adequate sleep can also improve memory and other cognitive functions.

Sleep benefits people, and losing sleep means losing out on its benefits. Without enough, regular sleep, people may experience …

  • Impaired cognitive ability.
  • Weight gain.
  • Forgetfulness.
  • Irritability.
  • Decreased sex drive.
  • Poor job performance.
  • Increased risk for high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes

Insomnia is a prevalent but tough problem. Have you experienced these symptoms?

Maybe, you fall asleep quickly each night, but wake up for several hours in the middle of the night before falling asleep again.

Maybe, you can sleep for a few hours but then wake up and have to start your day.

Maybe you have a difficult time getting to sleep. You are probably exhausted but awake, often for hours before you fall asleep. Some nights, you may not sleep at all.

Maybe, it appears as if you have slept all night. You should be waking up restored, but you are exhausted each morning.

Insomnia’s Causes

Insomnia often has both physical and/or emotional causes.

  • Physical. Exercise and diet can affect a person’s ability to sleep. Other health problems and changes, such as menopause, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and chronic pain, often make insomnia worse or trigger it.
  • Emotional. Mental health problems such as anxiety disorders or depression can cause insomnia. Sleep disorders may also arise during time of acute stress or life transitions.

At times, insomnia is its own medical condition. Sleep disruptions do not always have an accompanying health problem.

Many who live with sleep disruptions worry about whether they will ever sleep again. Maybe you have worried about whether you can get the sleep you need. If so, know that many people have found the help they need to curb sleep disruptions and promote restful sleep through insomnia therapy.

How Could Insomnia Therapy Help?

The therapists at St. Petersburg, FL tailor insomnia treatment to each client. Our therapists equip their clients with pragmatics sleep strategies that optimize their chances of sleep, and they may treat insomnia’s physical or emotional cause.

Pragmatic Sleep Strategies

Adjusting Your Sleeping Climate. Light, noise, and temperature are a few examples of variables in a sleep climate that may need adjusting for better sleep. Insomnia therapists help their clients analyze their sleeping space and maintain a climate that optimizes rest.

Keeping a Sleep Log. Applying appropriate sleep solutions may first require correctly determining the sleep problem. Some therapists want their clients to maintain a sleep log. Monitoring when clients sleep and for how long can help therapists pinpoint any specific problems the client may be facing.

Cultivating Sleep Hygiene. Sleep hygiene is the cumulative effect of daytime choices on nighttime sleep. Healthy habits during the day may lead to better sleep at night. Eating well, exercising early in the day, and restricting daytime rest are a few examples of healthy sleep hygiene. Our therapists may work with their clients on strategies that cultivate a healthy sleep hygiene.

Many clients have found a respite from their insomnia by following these pragmatic sleep solutions, but many also need treatment for insomnia’s physical and emotional causes.

Treating Causes

While insomnia has many physical and emotional causes, our therapists frequently help their clients with negative thoughts or anxiety disorders that have triggered or exacerbated their sleep disruption.

Many people come to believe negative things about themselves or their sleep habits that make their sleep disruption worse. For example, our therapists often see how believing that I will never sleep again or I am a bad sleeper can lead to difficulty sleeping. Once clients and our therapists identify these negative, they can replace them with rational thinking.

Anxiety disorders frequently cause or make insomnia worse. Our therapists know that if insomnia coexists with an anxiety disorder, both need treatment.

Our Therapists Care

Seeking professional help from an insomnia therapist may be what you need to jumpstart more restful nights. Call St. Petersburg, FL to set up an appointment for insomnia therapy with one of our caring professionals.

We know reaching out for help may not be easy, but we want to make it as easy as possible. Our office takes most insurance plans. We offer convenient appointments, and our therapists even keep night and weekend hours. We do not like seeing our clients wait, so we often schedule appointments within 24 hours.

Call to schedule your time with an insomnia therapist.

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