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Joining the job market for the first time should be exciting, something to look forward to. Sadly, for many graduates competing for limited slots in the workplace, this can be the job search from hell. There are just so many questions yet so few answers for the inexperienced. Without the right guidance, career decisions and job placements can become overwhelming. There may be too many choices or not enough. Or there might be a great job but with low pay. These kinds of things can often create more stress than the person can handle. This is where career counseling can come to the rescue.

Common Challenges

The challenges people face can vary based on who’s looking. For example, a graduate will have a different set of issues than say a seasoned unemployed worker with experience under their belt. Vocational counseling helps and guides those who are new to the job market. It can also help those who are lost and unable to organize themselves.

Common career orientated issues may include some of the following:

  • Overqualified / Underqualified
  • Educational qualifications (low marks, wrong field, not enough, etc.)
  • Occupational qualifications (none at all (graduates)) outdated (older workers)
  • Lack of experience, too much experience (entry level jobs)
  • Expectations (finding the right balance)
  • Fussiness and pride (these things can often get in the way of careers)

A good vocational counseling service will be able to assist in the following areas:

  • Offer emotional and practical support for the undecided
  • Put all qualifications, experience, strengths and weakness into some perspective</li
  • Talk over realistic salary options and employment expectations
  • Work on presentation skills and interview techniques
  • Look at preferred locations and alternative options.

In short, the vocational counselor takes all the noise that’s going on inside the head of the person and sets it down on paper. All of a sudden that mess no longer seems messy as it takes on a methodical order that makes a lot more sense.

Career Counseling Services in St. Petersburg

There are many possibilities for career counseling in St. Petersburg. Give us a call today to discuss your options. We can offer support in finding suitable placements or jobs, and introduce you to other helpful services and resources that you may find useful.

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