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Many People who seal with an anxiety disorder plan their entire lives around avoiding situations that can make their anxiety worse. This is understandable – the brain literally tells anxiety-ridden people to avoid these situations. However, the truth is that if you can find a safe place to dig deeper into your anxiety, it may be the only way to get rid of it forever.

Some clients know exactly when and why their anxiety began

For some clients, it’s easy to figure out when and why their anxiety began. In some cases it began when a loved one died, for others it began after a sexual assault. Virtually any trauma can lead to an anxiety disorder. If you know exactly why your anxiety began then St. Petersburg anxiety counseling can begin from that point. We can help you get through your trauma in a safe environment.

In some situations this may involve talking through the trauma but a different treatment plan may be best for you. Your counselor will assess your anxiety to find the right path forward.

Some clients aren’t sure when or why their anxiety began

It’s also common for clients to have no idea when or why their anxiety began. It may have developed over time or they may not be able to remember a time when they didn’t feel anxious. St. Petersburg anxiety therapy can help you find the root cause and learn how to deal with the symptoms of anxiety. Overtime, they can help you learn what to do to prevent or reduce anxiety significantly.

It’s normal to feel anxious about getting help with anxiety

For people with anxiety, asking for help from a counseling center they’re not familiar with is one of the hardest parts of the entire process. Thriveworks St. Petersburg Counseling & Coaching is here to make it easy for you. We have a single goal: helping you through this situation. Connect with us today and we’ll provide you with compassionate, understanding, personalized counseling that can help free you from the trappings of anxiety.

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