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You’ve probably seen aggressive drivers when traveling. Whether you have been the victim of an aggressive driver—or if you are one—this driving behavior has been titled “road rage.” Aggressive drivers sometimes make obscene gestures to other drivers; change lanes frequently without warning; honk the horn; flash headlights; turn their high beams on; and tailgate. They may even bump into another car, try to run others off the road and other dangerous behavior.

Aggressive drivers can physically injure others or themselves. People with uncontrollable anger over long periods of time on a regular basis put their health at risk with everything from minor to serious illnesses.

For the past 10 years, the therapists at Thriveworks in St. Petersburg, FL have worked with thousands of people with anger problems. The therapists at Thriveworks work with them to identify the causes of anger and the appropriate responses to it, as well as find an anger management treatment plan that enables them to enjoy healthier lives.

Types of Anger

Anger is a healthy, normal emotion unless the individual expresses it in inappropriate ways. An adaptive response to threats, it is an emotion that can cause powerful feelings and behaviors that allow people to defend themselves. However, when people display uncontrollable anger–yelling, calling others insulting names, punching and kicking objects—they are not managing the behavior appropriately.

There are three approaches used in angry situations, including expressing, suppressing and calming.

Expressing Anger

Assertively expressing anger is a healthy way to deal with the emotion. People who state their needs and get them met without the use of physical force or saying hurtful things to others are being assertive and respecting others.

Suppressing Anger

Holding the anger inside, avoiding it or doing something else is suppressing anger. The anger is buried as they go on to another activity. This can be dangerous, because people who don’t express their anger assertively can turn it inward on themselves. It can cause many health problems, from high blood pressure to gastrointestinal problems to substance abuse.


When people use calming—monitoring themselves when angry—they are able to control behavior and their responses. In fact, calming helps to lower the heart rate. Individuals who get away from the situation are allowing themselves to calm down.

What Can You Do to Calm Yourself When Angry

With the ultimate goal being to calm down when you are angry, there are a number of things to achieve it.

Slowly repeat a phrase, such as “keep calm” or “stay relaxed.” Breathe deeply as you continue to say the phrase.

Tell yourself that you can control the anger that you are feeling—and believe it.

Picture a place that you would like to be, such as your favorite vacation spot, the beach, a wooded trail or a quiet lake. You can also think of happy memories from when you were a child.

Take the opportunity to complete a task, clean a room, redecorate a part of the house or catch up on some gardening.

Discuss the anger with somebody trustworthy, such as a family member, a friend or someone you work with. Even if they don’t offer advice, the act of sharing what is making you angry can help in finding a solution. While you are discussing the situation, you may be able to find the answer.

Listening to music is one of the best ways to deal with anger for many reasons. Aggressive music that matches your mood allows you to work though the emotion productively. Slower music, such as acoustic, lets you slow the thought process and calm down. Specific songs with words that relate to your situation may help put your experiences into perspective. Turning up the volume lets you drown out your thought process when little things frustrate and distract you.

Don’t wait any longer to begin anger management control at Thriveworks in St. Petersburg, FL. For 10 years, therapists at Thriveworks have worked with people to recognize the causes of their anger, learn how to respond to its triggers in positive ways and find the most effective anger management treatment plan. Call Thriveworks in St. Petersburg, FL at (727) 374-3338 today to get started on the road to healthier living.

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