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Thriveworks Snellville GA Counseling for Depression and Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety and depression can be a constant battle. You want to be able to relax and enjoy yourself. Instead, you find your mind constantly occupied by fears and worries. A barrage of questions like, “Am I doing enough?” “Am I a good person?” or “Why aren’t I better?” constantly intrude. You can’t focus easily and sleep eludes you, chased away by these questions parading through your mind. In the past you may have been able to calm your mind through exercise or sharing time with friends, but even those things no longer work. Some of the symptoms of depression and anxiety include:

  • Overly Anxious – You constantly worry about things that might happen, things you have no control over.
  • Sleeping Too Much – It’s harder and harder to get out of bed at your normal time, and you even start going to bed earlier than usual.
  • Irritability – You find yourself easily aggravated by things that you used to be able to shrug off.
  • Feelings of Inadequacy – You compare yourself to others and question whether you measure up.
  • Compulsive Behaviors – You clean a counter that you’ve already cleaned twice today, or your leg is constantly tapping out a rhythm whenever you sit.

Recognizing the Connection with Depression and Anxiety

If these symptoms sound familiar, you may be dealing with depression, anxiety or both. Anxiety and depression are commonly seen together, and often one can lead to the other. Studies have shown that anxiety and depression are the two most common mental illness in America, affecting over 40 million people.

However, if you’re fighting depression and anxiety, you don’t have to fight alone. Individualized counseling, like that offered by Thriveworks Snellville GA counselors, can be very effective in helping you deal with these conditions in a healthy way. With the right treatment, you can shed the weight that anxiety and depression place on your life and be truly happy again.

Our Counselors are Here for You

Our counselors in Snellville have helped other people in situations similar to yours. We understand how living with depression and anxiety keeps you from having the life you truly want. We can help you identify some of the issues that feed your depression or anxiety, some of the things that seem to stop you from moving forward. As we discover these challenges, we can develop a plan that allows you to address each issue and move beyond it.

All Thriveworks Snellville counselors have completed years of training to help them understand the intricacies of the human mind, and what challenges people face. Coupled with this education is practical experience working with experienced counseling mentors to find the best ways to put this education to good use. The combination of education and experience provides our therapists with the broad knowledge they need to work with you.

Thriveworks Counselors Want to Help

You can begin your journey towards a better life, a life not ruled by anxiety or depression. Talking to one of Thriveworks Snellville’ therapists is the first step. Our caring counselors want to hear from you.

Reach out for help today by calling (770)-284-9092 to schedule an appointment with a Thriveworks Snellville GA counselor.

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