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Snellville GA Addiction Counseling – Alcohol, Drugs, Sex

One of the great pains of our modern society is addiction. For some reason it seems that we, as a community, are relying less and less on each other, but rather more on certain substances and vices to make us feel good. We start to rely on alcohol, on drugs, on sugary drinks and fast food—on whatever to make us feel like people again. Sometimes the things we rely on switch something in our brains that make us need them. We need to drink, we need to gamble. We have lost control and we need help with that. Our Snellville GA addiction counselors can provide that help.

How Do I Know I’m an Addict?

If you’re an addict, you probably know. You might not admit it to yourself, and you probably won’t admit it to anyone else, but you will know. The prime sign is, as mentioned above, that loss of control. You no longer control your drinking or drug use, it controls you. You need help regaining that control. Other signs are more vague, but they’re still there. You’ve lost interest in your family, your job, your life. You’re sneaking around and hiding and lying to people. It’s all there, but can you admit it to yourself and get the help you deserve?

Why Should I Seek Help?

If you’re an addict, you’re sick. You have a disease, and like any disease, it needs to be treated before it gets worse for you and those whom you love. Untreated addicts tend to experience the following:

  • Loss of their self-respect, pride, dignity
  • Loss of their livelihoods, jobs, homes, savings
  • Loss of their families and those whom they love
  • Loss of their health
  • Loss of their lives.

Brutal but true. By letting your addiction go untreated might not make you lose all of these, but it’s certain that eventually you’ll lose at least one or more. Please don’t let that happen.

Whom Should I Seek Help From?

You are lucky, you’ve come to the right place. Our Snellville GAaddiction counseling services can provide the expert help that you need to become whole again. Alongside a plan of action for your recovery, we will find you the best therapists for your addiction. Your qualified counselor will see you through group therapy, individual therapy, and family/couple’s therapy (if needed). You will not be alone.

Please touch base with us to discuss your options and please know that the first step to recovery is taken when you make the move to contact us.

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