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There are plenty of reasons couples explore counseling and marriage therapy, and they don’t have to mean the relationship is in crisis. Couples want to improve their marriages, learn how to communicate effectively, find out how to become intimate again and seek out why they are frustrated in their relationships. When partners wish to improve their relationships instead of getting farther and farther away from the honeymoon period, they find that couples counseling and marriage therapy can help.

Couples counseling and marriage therapy at Thriveworks in Simi Valley, CA has helped many couples with a wide range of issues. Qualified therapists help their clients learn new insights and skills to put a plan into action to practice using their new skills and form habits to make a positive impact on their relationships and lives. Thriveworks’ therapists can help couples overcome their issues and steer them toward better relationships. The road to help build a better relationship starts here.

Whether relationships and marriages are undergoing conflict or bigger issues, they can be examined with the help of a professional therapist who can steer couples through “a rough patch” or seemingly overwhelming obstacles. Some of the issues couples experience are:

Negative Relationships with Each Other’s Family

Holidays, birthdays and get-togethers with a spouse’s family should be happy, celebratory times, but that is not always the case. Many individuals are filled with anxiety about seeing their in-laws and extended families. Sometimes a spouse sides with their parents or pretends not to hear passive-aggressive comments toward a partner. With each frustrating encounter, a partner dreads the thought of seeing the in-laws or family and the fight that is sure to occur afterward.

Contempt Toward a Partner

Whether a partner feels the other leaves the house a mess all the time–especially when they are home all day–or another can’t seem to get anything done on the “to do” list, the frustration builds. Sometimes one individual will mock the other in their head, to them or, worse, to the kids.

The Kids Pretend There is No Fighting Going On

Sometimes the children in a relationship become acclimated to an atmosphere of fighting between the parents. When yet another argument is a normal part of the day and does not phase them, there could be trouble ahead. The dangers for the children are the chance that they will be unconsciously drawn to the same type of dynamic—more likely than not—when they choose a partner.

No Attraction Toward a Spouse

A spouse may physically look much the same as in the beginning of the relationship when the sparks flew, but now there is no excitement or even a desire to touch them when they are around. A partner is left to wonder why there is such a chasm in the relationship, wracking their brain for reasons, such as age, hormones changing or resentments from past arguments, trying futilely to figure out what is wrong.


When a conversation about a difficult subject arises, the partners realize there is never a resolution. Sometimes the couple feels worse afterward. This is a pattern that eventually leads to the individuals feeling anxious and depressed when they fear a conversation is about to be broached. The partners might avoid conversations completely when possible and, eventually, there is even less talk. Instead, fighting ensues in place of a conversation.

Partners Know Nothing About Each Other

When the day goes by, the individuals realize they don’t know anything about what their partner did, thought or felt all day. Nothing is shared, and the questions asked go nowhere. The couple may wonder if the partner even thinks or feels deeply at all—or if they are emotionally vacant. In a relationship like this, the individuals ask themselves if they can go on in such an unfulfilling relationship.

These are only a sample of the issues couples may experience in their relationships. Whether there are a few ups and downs or what seems to be an unsurmountable issue, there is help. Schedule a session with Thriveworks Simi Valley, CA to find out more about how couples counseling and marriage therapy can help your relationship get on the road to a healthier, stronger relationship.

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