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Anxiety and Depression Counseling by Thriveworks Simi Valley

Dealing with anxiety and depression is a deeply personal experience, something that no one else may truly grasp unless they’ve faced a similar ordeal. Even though there are commonalties to some symptoms, anxiety and depression affect everyone differently. Dealing with both at the same time is very common, as half of people diagnosed with one are also generally diagnosed with the other as well. The combination of anxiety and depression can create a number of conflicting challenges, such as:

  • Disruptive Sleep Patterns – With the combination of depression and worry, you either sleep all of the time, or you can’t fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • Erratic Study or Work Habits – You have an intense need to do the best, but no energy to give the effort required to accomplish this.
  • Desiring Instant Social Understanding – You desperately want to connect with someone, to have them understand, but you’re afraid of what they might find if you are honest and open.
  • Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms – You try to erase thoughts from your mind by engaging in repetitive tasks or by using a mantra to mask your thinking.

There is Hope for Anxiety and Depression Sufferers

Multiple studies have shown that anxiety and depression respond well to treatment. In fact, a majority of people who work with mental health professionals see their symptoms decrease and their lives begin to improve. The timeframe for these improvements varies based on a number of individual factors, including the severity of their symptoms and the specific treatments the person receives.

There are a number of different approaches to help treat anxiety and depression. Expert counselors, like those available in Simi Valley CA at Thriveworks, know different cases may require a combination of treatment types to see the best results. This is especially true when someone is facing severe depression and anxiety at the same time. The treatments recommended for you will be based on your individual challenges.

Thriveworks Simi Valley Experts Understand

The Thriveworks counselors in Simi Valley care about you and the struggles you face. This is the main reason we do what we do. During your visits, will work with you to learn more about the challenges you face and uncover some of the causes. This will allow us to develop a treatment plan that fits with your needs. Our care extends beyond the effort we provide in your sessions and includes flexibility in meeting with you based on your schedule.

Our mental health professionals couple our caring attitude with a master’s level education that helps us understand the human mind and how it works. This education is coupled with practical experience working under the supervision of experienced therapists, mentors who can share proven strategies our counselors can apply. All of this education and experience can be brought to bear to help you.

Let Thriveworks Counselors Help

As a Thriveworks Simi Valley counseling client, you will work with a professional counselor who understands the difficulties you may be experiencing dealing with depression and anxiety. We will work with you to offer you the tools you need to begin rebuilding a healthier life, one that is solid enough to withstand life’s storms. The first step is to simply contact us.

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