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Making the decision to ask for help can be a difficult one. It is hard to admit that we are struggling in some aspect of our lives. We worry that we will be judged. Every day is an uphill battle. We feel helpless. But we also feel that what we are doing just isn’t working.

If this describes you, it may be time to consider reaching out for help. Counseling or life coaching might be the solution to your struggles and help you to get on a path to healing and happiness. Savannah Counseling would like to help.

Why Consider Counseling or Life Coaching?

The idea of counseling or life coaching may be uncomfortable or even a bit fear-provoking. If you’ve never had the experience or known anyone who has, you may have some preconceived notions about what counseling and life coaching are all about. You may have images of lying on a couch pouring over your childhood memories for weeks on end. You may worry that you will be considered “mentally ill.” You may worry whether what you say will be held in confidence. You may worry you will be judged.

At Savannah Counseling, our experienced therapists and life coaches understand your worries and fears. From your first contact, we will work to earn your trust and help you to feel comfortable taking this important step towards healing and happiness.

When you engage a Savannah therapist or Savannah life coach, you can expect:

  • Prompt response to your call for help
  • Providers who adhere to all ethical and clinical standards
  • To be treated with dignity and respect
  • Respect for your privacy and confidentiality
  • Help to understand the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing
  • Help to learn new ways of coping
  • An action plan that is designed just for you
  • Assistance with referrals to other sources of help if needed

Who Can Counseling or Life Coaching Help?

You may have wondered if counseling or coaching might be right for you. You might be dealing with the loss of a loved one. Perhaps you’re trying to manage symptoms of depression, anxiety or trauma. You may be looking for help with marital problems or getting along better with your teenager. You might be considering a career change and looking for some coaching. You may not even be sure what the struggle is. You just know you’re not at your best and you’re struggling to move forward.
Counseling and life coaching can help with things like depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, goal setting, relationship issues and much, much more. Savannah therapists can also assist with mental health and addiction issues or help you with referral to the appropriate sources for additional help.
Whether your needs are best met by counseling or life coaching depends on what your particular needs and goals are. There is no “cookie cutter” formula. So much depends upon the individual and what approach is best suited to meet their needs. The team at Savannah Counseling will help you with these decisions and make recommendations based on your needs and goals.

The Next Step

Making the choice to seek help is the first step towards a more peaceful and fulfilled life. At Savannah Counseling, we know that you have many choices for counseling and life
We would be honored to take walk the path to wellness with you. Appointments are available now and we can generally pair you with a provider within 24 hours.

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