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Mental health issues like anxiety and depression are common for a large number of people. You may be one of them, knowing that therapy can be beneficial but not quite sure if it’s a good fit for you.

The truth is, you don’t need to be going through a crisis or having severe symptoms to benefit from therapy. People experience mental health issues in varying ways and therapy can be the first step to getting you back on track.

Unfortunately, for someone who is already struggling with mental health concerns, visiting a therapist in-person can be incredibly daunting. That’s why we offer online therapy, to make that first step even easier. For many people, online sessions also solve a practical issue. They can access high-quality therapy even when they lack reliable transportation or struggle to work appointments into an already overloaded schedule.

Seeking out help for mental health issues can feel like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Our online therapy services remove some of the mental and practical barriers that prevent individuals from going to a therapist in the first place. The therapeutic impact on your thoughts, feelings, and emotions can be life-changing.

If visiting an online therapist is something you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our specialists at Thriveworks Counseling in Sandy, UT are ready to schedule your first session.

What Types of Therapy Are Offered Online?

Virtual counseling is similar to in-person therapy, except for the method you use to speak to your counselor. While traditional therapy is held in a physical office, online therapy can be held by video chat or phone call. Video chats are great because they allow the therapist to see a client’s facial expressions and gestures, which can help foster a more personal relationship. However, we also offer phone-based sessions for clients who lack a capable device or simply feel more comfortable this way.

Besides the form of communication used, online therapy is conducted in much the same way as traditional therapy. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be just as effective online or over the phone as it is face to face. CBT is a type of talk therapy that helps clients analyze and change their thinking patterns to improve their mental health challenges.

Many clients are surprised to learn how much of an impact their thinking patterns have on their everyday life. It can be far too easy to sabotage yourself without even realizing it. Cognitive behavioral therapy with a licensed mental health care professional is an opportunity to turn this around. You’ll learn how to make adjustments to your thinking to lessen the impact of your mental health struggles and symptoms.

We offer a wide variety of types of online therapy services at Thriveworks Counseling. Several examples are:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Depression and anxiety therapy
  • Family and child therapy
  • Stress or anger management
  • Life coaching or career counseling
  • Grief or loss counseling
  • PTSD or trauma
  • Family and child therapy
  • Couples therapy and marital counseling

If you’ve been dealing with mental and emotional issues, it’s important to know that help is available. Licensed professionals are standing by at Thriveworks Counseling in Sandy, UT.

What Are the Benefits of Online Therapy?

Many individuals struggling with issues related to mental and emotional health feel more comfortable with sessions at home. Some people find they have an easier time opening up during talk therapy as a result. You don’t have to worry about scheduling issues or commuting since all you need to do is open a live video chat window or answer your phone.

When it comes to the therapy experience, consistency and frequency are important, especially in the beginning. Virtual therapy makes it easier to increase the frequency of your sessions without missing any due to weather, traffic or illness.

If you’ve been struggling with issues like anxiety and depression and would like to seek the guidance of a licensed online therapist, we’re here to help. Thriveworks Counseling in Sandy, UT has virtual sessions available.

Schedule an Online Counseling Session at Thriveworks in Sandy, UT

At Thriveworks, we believe online therapy sessions should be accessible to everyone. For that reason, new clients can schedule a session within 24 hours of reaching out. Evening and weekend sessions are also available so you can be sure to get the care you need when you need it. We also accept most major health insurance plans.

When you enroll with Thriveworks Counseling, you can begin taking advantage of our exclusive benefits. Advice between sessions is available via phone, email, or a 24-hour “Dear Abby” style Q&A.

Mobile apps and text message capabilities make scheduling and billing a breeze while ensuring you get the most out of your sessions. Exclusive video content from leaders in the field of psychology can augment your treatment or provide you with unique insights to discuss with your counselor.

If you’ve been thinking about reaching out to a licensed therapist for mental health services, there has never been a better time. Contact us at Thriveworks Counseling in Sandy, UT to get started with a caring and experienced counselor today.

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