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Bullying Help in Round Rock, TX—Therapists and Counselors

What is bullying?  It’s when one person repeatedly behaves aggressively to another using an imbalance of power (strength, secrets, popularity, access to something, social status, whatever). Bullying can include:

  • Threats
  • Verbal attacks
  • Physical attacks
  • Intimidation
  • Spreading rumors/info/misinformation
  • Attacking a person’s friends/social status
  • Intentionally isolating someone
  • Taking someone’s thing
  • Almost any other form of repeated intentional distress on another

According to two different 2017 studies (School Crime Supplement, Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System) about 20% of children (12-18 years) experience bullying in a year, however it can happen at any age.  It can also happen at any time.  It can occur at school, to or from school, after school, and now on the internet with the complexities of cyberbullying.

Who Is at Risk of Getting Bullied?

While it can happen to anyone, certain children are more at risk than others.  Children that can be perceived as “different” in some way, such as:

  • Different skin color
  • Over/under weight
  • Glasses
  • Different clothes
  • New to school
  • Different family income
  • Perceived as weak
  • Perceived or real mental health concerns (depression, anxiety, low self-esteem)
  • Physical disabilities or differences
  • Learning disabilities or differences
  • Low popularity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Spiritual or religious beliefs
  • Less popular
  • Anything that can make them a target of a bully

Warning Signs of Bullying

There are at least two roles in a bully situation: The bully and the bullied.  Bullying is unhealthy and detrimental to both parties.  In the case of the bullied child, only about 40% reach out to an adult, meaning that someone finding the warning signs is important.

  • Does your child have any of the following?
  • Unexplained (or poorly explained) injuries
  • Lost or destroyed clothing/items
  • Changes in eating, either less or more
  • Changes in sleep
  • Decreasing academic performance/interest
  • Change in friends/social interests
  • Reduced self-esteem, or a sense of helplessness
  • Suicidal thoughts/behaviors, or self-destructive behaviors. (National Suicide Prevention Hotline, if needed)

Any of these signs, or others not listed, can be serious and an indication of a child’s need for help.  On the other side, is the bully, who also needs help.  Without intervention, a child that becomes a bully could end up in much worse situations as they get older, including jail, drug/alcohol abuse, early sexual activity, partner/child abuse, other antisocial behaviors.  So be on the look out for fights, academic problems, aggressive behavior, unexplained extra items/money/clothes, hanging out with bullies, increasingly unhealthy competition.

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The effects can be long-lasting, extending for years or even a lifetime past the time of the actual bullying.  An elementary school child who internalizes low self esteem and the idea of being “stupid” due to being bullied, may still feel that way in college, when picking a career, or even a partner.  This applies to all the potential ramifications, such as adult eating disorders, depression, anxiety, suicide.

If you are concerned that your child (of any age) is getting bullied or bullying others, please reach out for help (either with us or elsewhere, just make sure to get the help needed).  We have trained child and teen counselors in the Round Rock area who have devoted their professional life to helping others and are ready to help you and your family as well.  Check out our counselors, or call us (512) 212-7045 today, and get your child the help they may need.

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