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Insomnia steals sleep from many people’s nights. They are exhausted, but most nights, they do not receive the sleep their minds and bodies crave. Can you relate to any of these experiences?

Aiden quickly falls asleep each night, but he wakes after just an hour of two of rest. Staying asleep all night feels impossible. She wonders if she will ever sleep through the night again.
Samantha has a hard time getting to sleep. Some nights, she lies in bed—awake—for six hours before falling asleep. Some nights, Samantha does not sleep at all. Her daily life is becoming more difficult as she is fatigued and feels irritable.
Gary seemingly sleeps through the night, but each morning, he wakes up more tired than he was when he went to bed. He is concerned but confused about why he is not getting the rest he needs.

Sleep restores our minds and body after a busy day, and losing precious hours may have a negative impact on our daily life. Yet, insomnia is a common problem. Many people, like Aiden, Samantha, and Gary want to sleep and need to sleep, but they cannot get all the rest they need.

Friends and family are always ready to offer advice on how to get more sleep: Eat this before bedtime… Drink that tea… Cut out that particular habit… Change that thing about the bedroom. These well-intentioned offers may bring relief for a night or two, but for a long-term solution, many people find they need insomnia counseling to overcome their sleep disruption.

The insomnia counselors at Riverview, FL have extensive experience helping people reduce their sleep disruptions and increase the rest they receive. Our professionals equip people with daily strategies for good sleep habits, and they also seek to treat any foundational causes of insomnia.

Living with Insomnia

Anyone who lives with insomnia knows how sleepless nights can make everyday life harder. If you are not receiving enough sleep, you may also be experiencing …

  1. Inability to focus.
  2. Memory loss.
  3. Irritability.
  4. Low sex drive.
  5. Weight gain.
  6. Drowsiness.

These troublesome side effects may strain relationships or lead to poor job performance. Insomnia even leaves people more vulnerable for car crashes and other accidents.

Why Do Sleep Disturbances Occur?

Just as many people may experience a sleep disturbance during their life, these sleep disruptions occur for many, varied reasons. Each person’s insomnia is unique.

Some people experience insomnia alongside of a serious health problem. Many mental and physical health issues have sleep disruptions as a side effect. Chronic pain, depression, hyperthyroidism, anxiety disorders, and menopause are a few that may trigger insomnia.

Other people experience insomnia as a result of lifestyle choices. Diet and excise habits can cause or exacerbate a sleep disruption. Major life changes or challenges can cause stress that manifests as insomnia.

Many people experience sleep disturbances that have no apparent cause or accompanying health problem.

Is insomnia making your daily life harder? Consider making an appointment for insomnia counseling. Riverview, FL’s therapists have appointments available and are eager to help.

Insomnia Counseling at Riverview, FL

Receiving more sleep at night may require making some changes to daily thoughts and habits. Riverview, FL’s insomnia therapists help their clients find the changes that will optimize their chances for rest.

What might those changes include? The insomnia therapists at Riverview, FL know that each client has specific sleep problems and needs, and they tailor treatment to each individual client. Nonetheless, our professional frequently see how false beliefs and/or anxiety disorders hinder sleep.

  • False beliefs may keep people from receiving the sleep they need. Sometimes, people come to believe things about themselves that are not true, such as I am a terrible sleeper. These beliefs can cause stress about the insomnia and make the sleep disturbance more severe. Our therapists can help their clients replace these false beliefs with rational beliefs.
  • Sleep disorders and anxiety disorders often arise hand-in-hand. One can trigger the other, and vice versa. If an anxiety disorder and insomnia accompany each other, then our therapists know how to treat the anxiety alongside the sleep disruption. This thorough approach goes deep, treating the foundational cause of insomnia.

Regardless of insomnia’s cause, all our clients have the same goal: receiving the rest they need.

Therefore, our professional may also use their expertise to craft a sleep plan—daily habits that overtime optimize people’s chances for better nighttime rest. Sleep plans identify activities that may help people sleep and incorporate them into daily life. They also seek to minimize anything that inhibits sleep.

Each client may have a unique sleep plan, but these plans generally involve:

  • Utilizing relaxation techniques at bedtime.
  • Setting a consistent bedtime.
  • Setting a consistent wake-up time.
  • Keeping a sleep environment that is cool, quiet, and dark.
  • Limiting caffeine.

Are You Ready for Help?

There is no magic bullet or easy fix for insomnia, but many people have found a better night’s sleep with professional help. Our insomnia therapists have appointments available and want to help. Many of our insomnia clients are now equipped with the skills they need to cultivate restful sleep.

If insomnia is disrupting your nighttime rest, help is available. Insomnia counselors at Riverview, FL accept many insurance plans. They do not keep a waitlist because they want to see their clients receive help as soon as possible. They also offer flexible appointments. Call Riverview, FL to schedule an appointment for insomnia counseling.

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