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Affairs, Adultery, and Cheating—Therapy for Infidelity in Riverview, FL

Most people could sing along with Hank Williams and his famous song, “Your Cheatin’ Heart.” Hank expresses the anguish of infidelity with his twangy, shaky voice…

“Your cheatin’ heart will pine some day
And crave the love you threw away
The time will come when you’ll be blue
Your cheatin’ heart will tell you on you…”

A cheatin’ heart. Adultery. An affair. Infidelity. People use many terms to represent the same reality: betrayal ravages relationships. Affairs can ignite chaos and trauma that goes beyond the couple or marriage. Family members, friends, and possibly community members may feel the effects of infidelity. Regardless of whether they pursue reconciliation or separation, many couples want the help of a therapist when navigating the aftermath of adultery.

Thriveworks Riverview, FL offers therapy that has helped many people navigate the trauma, pain, and confusion of infidelity. Our therapists have helped many couples find healing, regardless of whether the marriage continues or not.

Trauma and Adultery

In some ways, adultery is a straightforward concept: someone breaks the rules or expectations of a devoted relationship. It’s the reason many people call adultery cheating.

The reality of adultery, however, is always more complex. The cheating may be an emotional affair where one partner forms a bond that interferes with intimacy within the marriage. The cheating may involve a sexual addiction where one partner has one-night stands, solicits sex, and more. The cheating may be a long-term extra marital affair. There is no limit to the way people might be unfaithful to their marriages or committed relationships.

Whatever form the infidelity may take, there are a few consistencies. Adultery always…

  • Cultivates secrets
  • Breaches trust
  • Involves lies
  • Provokes relational harm

The relational harm infidelity causes can be traumatic. When people who are supposed to be loving, trustworthy, and kind betray a vulnerable relationship, the wound is deep.

After learning about their partner’s infidelity, many uninvolved spouses report experiencing post trauma stress symptoms. Often, the wake of adultery leaves them to struggle against anxiety, vivid dreams, physical pain, inability to concentrate, flashbacks, and more. The world may feel scary to the uninvolved spouse after they learn that their safest relationship is no longer safe. Adding to the pain, many uninvolved spouses blame themselves and think, how did I not see it sooner? Reality is, uninvolved spouses do not choose or cause the infidelity.

When a couple has children together, the kids feel the trauma of adultery as well. Some children may be too young to understand what infidelity is, but even young children feel the change in stability within their families. Kids can internalize their family’s challenges and blame themselves, especially if their parents separate. Without help, kids may bring the relational harm from their childhood into their adult relationships.

Pursuing Therapy for Infidelity

The trauma from infidelity can leave deep wounds, but healing from the trauma is possible, whether the relationship continues or not. There are no quick-fixes or silver bullets, but for many people, working with a therapist is an important part of the healing process.

Therapists have helped many people recover from infidelity by equipping them with social and emotional skills. During counseling, couples may find that they are better able to …

After infidelity, conversation can come to an impasse. Maybe the couple ignores each other. Maybe they have trouble speaking without yelling. While either is understandable, neither is helpful. A therapist can facilitate healthy communication as couples make important decisions about their relationship and future.

Set Relational Expectations
Trauma from infidelity can be overwhelming. Some couples need to live in survival mode for a while. That’s ok, but long-term healing means moving forward. But moving forward to what? A skilled therapist can help the couple unearth what they want from their relationship moving forward. They may be able to set relational goals and expectations whether they are moving forward toward reconciliation or separation.

Rebuild Trust
Even after a divorce, many couples remain in each other’s lives to some extent, especially if they are co-parenting their children. If couple rebuild their marriage, rebuilding trust may be the most important step in that process. Therapists can help couples find ways to rebuild trust to a level that allows their relationship to function well for their future goals.

Setting Up an Appointment for Therapy

Are you in the middle of infidelity and the trauma it can cause? Do you need some support and guidance as you figure out life after an affair? Thriveworks Riverview, FL therapists understand and are ready to help.

If you are dealing with the aftermath of infidelity, you do not have time or energy to deal with a difficult process for scheduling therapy. We get it and have done our best to make scheduling therapy as easy possible.

Here is what scheduling an appointment for therapy at our office looks like …

  1. A scheduling specialist will answer (i.e., a person), and make your appointment.
  2. Our clients often see their therapists within 24 hours of making the call.
  3. We accept many types of insurance.
  4. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

Are you ready to move forward after adultery? We are ready to help. Call today.

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