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Life’s a journey and sometimes you just need a little help along the way. Let’s face it, we all come to roadblocks, forks and bumps in the road, dips and valleys, and well sometimes just downright huge mountains to climb. We often don’t know which way to turn. Are you stuck? Not sure which way to turn, or which way to go? Feeling paralyzed and immobilized? Thinking you are so exhausted that you can’t take another step? Believe that there is no hope? Don’t do it alone. Our counselors at Thriveworks-Reading, are here to help and guide you. They are highly educated, experienced, and dedicated to assist you in your journey and to navigate the tricky curves that you encounter on your voyage. We would be honored to be by your side. “Buck up camper, we’ll tackle this mountain together!”

What is Counseling?

Counseling is a process in which professionals assist people in overcoming personal challenges and obstacles in their lives. These challenges could include stress, anxiety, depression, anger, self-esteem, grief and loss, relationship problems, lack of coping skills, changing difficult behaviors, or even adjusting to difficult changes in your life; among many other issues too many to list. Counseling is about a relationship with someone that you can trust to support you throughout the process.

How Does Counseling Work?

At Thriveworks-Reading, a counselor will take the time to meet with you individually and confidentially, in order to hear your story. They will help you understand exactly what the problem is and work together with you to identify and prioritize goals. Then they will assist you in developing a unique and individualized plan that will help shape your course. They will provide you with strategies and techniques to help you overcome your obstacles. They can help you with mapping out your future and finding a solution to your problems, or at the very least make them more manageable.

How Can I Make the Most of Counseling?

Counselors don’t have a magic wand, although sometimes it may feel that way. It is important to be as honest and open as possible with your counselor so that they can help you the best way they know how. They might give you assignments to work on in-between sessions. Although life is busy and it may seem silly, this will reinforce what you are learning and help you grow. Practice makes things more fluent and easy to do. Sometimes counseling might seem confusing. Your counselor has the right road map to get you out of the jungle, but you can’t see the other side. It is important to trust your counselor. They have seen other people come out on the other side. They have experience getting people safely to their destination.

It is important to note that although counseling is extremely beneficial, sometimes initially it can make you feel worse. It is similar to opening up an infected wound. It hurts, but you have to open it up and get all the yucky stuff out in order for it to heal correctly.

Thriveworks Reading/Wyomissing Counseling

We understand it’s hard to take the next step when you don’t know which way to turn, but we are waiting to help guide and give you directions throughout your difficult and emotional journey. Don’t continue the road trip, without a map. Let us help you find your way throughout the jungle of life. We understand that it’s difficult to know who to trust in a sea of options. But you can trust Thriveworks-Reading to be a partner in your emotional health. Take the first step and call Thriveworks-Reading. Your life story is a journey and we can help you write the next chapter in your book. Let us help you make it a great one. Let us help you experience growth during challenging times in your journey and help you thrive, not wither, in the storms that you encounter. Let’s get Thriving!

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I took my preteen child there, who did not want to go at all and after 1 session my child was willing to go back, reporting the counselor was so nice! I instantly saw a change in my child, we will continue to attend throughout the summer to continue to make progress. When we arrived, I instantly felt comfortable in this calm environment. I recommend this office to anyone.
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