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Betty and Rebekah have been dating for three years and share a studio apartment in New Jersey. Betty graduates from college this spring, a year before Rebekah does. She plans to take a summer position at her dream job in California, but Rebekah worries their relationship won’t survive on opposite coasts. She doesn’t want Betty to sacrifice a fantastic opportunity, but each time they talk about a long-distance relationship, the conversation ends in an argument.

The couple reaches out to a relationship counselor for assistance as graduation approaches. During their sessions, Rebekah feels comfortable enough to share why she’s worried about being apart: her parents got divorced shortly after her mom moved away for work. With guidance from their provider, the couple creates a plan to share weekly phone calls and schedule trips to see one another on major holidays.

It’s not uncommon for a relationship to face a hurdle like the major life transition in Betty and Rebekah’s case. What’s important to remember is that help is out there. Whatever challenges you’re experiencing, couples counseling or therapy could give you a refreshing perspective on your relationship.

Providers at Thriveworks Counseling are here to help with relationships of all kinds. Schedule your first session with a provider in Rapid City, SD, today by calling our office or using our convenient online booking tool.

Why Do People Visit a Couples Therapist?

Let’s dispel the most prevalent misconception about couples therapy: it’s not only for couples on the verge of separation or trying to “recover their spark.” You don’t have to be in daily screaming matches about laundry or refusing to speak to one another to benefit from professional assistance. Many couples attend therapy or counseling to overcome temporary setbacks, cope with a traumatic event or loss together, and strengthen their communication skills.

There are many reasons why people decide to work with a mental health professional. Some of the most common include:

  • Financial hardship
  • Lack of emotional support
  • Intimacy concerns
  • Infidelity
  • Trust issues
  • Conflicting parenting styles
  • Opposing political or cultural views
  • Grieving a shared loss
  • Unresolved conflict
  • Difficulty compromising
  • Unequal division of labor
  • Differing expectations for the future
  • Addiction or substance abuse

These kinds of issues negatively impact your mental health and your partner’s mental health. It’s okay to ask for help for the problems in your life, whether that’s reestablishing boundaries or unpacking a particularly challenging disagreement. Working with a therapist or counselor from Thriveworks in Rapid City, SD, can help you work through the issues you face and grow stronger together.

How Couples and Marriage Counseling Can Help

Your experience with your sessions will depend on your relationship’s specific needs and dynamics. For instance, if there are children or in-laws involved, you could benefit most from marriage and family therapy. If mental health concerns strain your relationship, you might combine paired sessions guided by a licensed couples counselor or therapist with individual appointments with a board-certified psychiatrist.

However, there are some typical methods and takeaways from time with a couples therapist or counselor. We’ll discuss a handful here to give you a better sense of what counseling and therapy entail. Initially, your provider will want to understand the concerns and desires both you and your partner hold. Afterward, sessions can involve:

  • Developing specific goals for your sessions and a reasonable timeline for accomplishing them.
  • Learning new skills such as stress management, resolving conflict in a healthy manner, expanding trust and honesty, and constructive ways to communicate new concerns.
  • Trying new strategies for nurturing a relationship, such as going out on dates, creating structured alone time, and developing new interests or hobbies together.

Many couples find that attending therapy improves their relationships and allows for unexpected growth. For some, simply introducing a neutral third party in the form of a mental health professional makes it easier to address ongoing issues. Our therapists and counselors in Rapid City, SD, are equipped to help couples face their problems head-on.

Schedule Couples Sessions at Thriveworks in Rapid City, SD

If you and your partner are interested in strengthening your relationship, consider working with a licensed marriage and family therapist at Thriveworks Counseling. Our providers in Rapid City, SD, offer weekday, evening, and weekend sessions to help you fit sessions into your schedule.

If your schedule prevents you from traveling to an office, virtual opportunities are available through phone calls and video chat. New clients receive their first appointment when they call and can often speak to a mental health professional within 24 to 48 hours. Additionally, we pride ourselves on accepting many different insurance plans.

Thriveworks clients also receive:

  • Access to providers between sessions via phone or email
  • Opportunities to participate in our counselor-moderated online discussion boards
  • 24-hour Ask-a-Coach Q+A with a skilled life coach
  • Exclusive video content and an e-copy of “Leaving Depression Behind.”

Call or contact us online to book your first appointment at Thriveworks Counseling in Rapid City, SD. We want to help you and your partner live your best life together.

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