Orem Psychiatry—Online Psychiatrists in Orem, UT

Orem Psychiatry—Online Psychiatrists in Orem, UT

“Any change, even change for the better, is often accompanied by discomforts.” Have you ever heard this quote by Arnold Bennett? These wise words remind us that it’s normal to feel uncomfortable with change, whether it’s good or bad. Further, it’s normal to need a little help during these times of change and discomfort.

If you are going through a tough season in your life that brings up negative feelings, a mental health professional can help. If you are going through a difficult change, such as a move to a new area, the loss of a loved one, or a breakup, a mental health professional can help. If you are experiencing symptoms of a mental illness that are hard to manage or deal with, a mental health professional can help.

The moral of the story: A mental health professional can help. If you are suffering or going through a tough time in your life, consider scheduling an appointment with a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disturbances. 

Thriveworks has psychiatrists who are ready to help you. Call Thriveworks Counseling in Orem, UT at (801) 921-5326 to schedule an appointment with an online psychiatrist now. 

Mental Health Help: Who Should Talk to a Psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists are prepared to help many different individuals. While they specialize in treating, diagnosing, and preventing mental health conditions, they can also help with other problems that burden one’s life. 

Here are a few examples of individuals who can benefit from receiving mental health help and should consider talking to a psychiatrist:

  1. Hannah, grief and loss: Hannah’s grandmother has been sick for a long time. But anytime her health declined, she seemed to recover just a few days or weeks later. Hannah never thought she’d actually die. Unfortunately, Hannah was proven wrong. Her grandmother passed and Hannah was far from prepared for the loss. She isn’t herself. She calls out of work almost daily and she ignores all of her loved ones.
  2. Sam, substance abuse: Sam has always had an addictive personality. But he never thought that he had a problem with alcohol. After he loses his job, though, he begins to frequent the bar more often. He blows all of his money on alcohol, and his drinking is starting to affect his relationship. His girlfriend is sick of Sam coming home drunk. 
  3. Jermane, depression: Jermane’s girlfriend was his whole world. After 7 years together, though, they decide that they are better off apart. Ever since their breakup, Jermane has felt depressed. He isn’t interested in any of the things that used to bring him so much joy. He isn’t interested in seeing anybody either, he just wants to be alone with his sadness.
  4. Amanda, trauma and PTSD: Amanda was in a bad car crash. The other person’s light was red but they sped through the intersection anyways. Fortunately, Amanda wasn’t terribly injured—at least not physically. She still has nightmares about the accident months later. She also can’t get behind the wheel of a car without having a panic attack.

Psychiatrists can help all of the people above. In some of these instances, they can provide a diagnosis and treatment for the individual’s mental disorder. In other instances, they can provide guidance and support, which will help the individual manage their problem and prevent it from becoming something more serious.

If you receive treatment from a psychiatrist, they can provide psychotherapy and also prescribe medication. Both of these forms of treatment prove helpful for psychological problems. 

Schedule Psychiatric Services at Thriveworks in Orem, UT

Psychiatric services are valuable for many. And telepsychiatry services can prove even more valuable for many. Telepsychiatry means simply working with a psychiatrist online. At Thriveworks in Orem, UT, you can work with a psychiatrist over the phone or video. Your psychiatrist can provide the same compassionate care virtually—telehealth sessions just make it more comfortable and convenient for you!

If you would like to talk to a psychiatrist, you can schedule an appointment now at Thriveworks. No, you don’t have to worry about being put on a waitlist. Thriveworks doesn’t operate with a waiting list. Instead, we schedule our clients right away and new clients can often expect to meet with their psychiatrist the same or next day.

Start this comfortable, convenient care now. To schedule an appointment with an online psychiatrist in the state of Utah, call (801) 921-5326.

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