Upper Darby Psychiatry—Psychiatrists in Upper Darby, PA

Upper Darby Psychiatry—Psychiatrists in Upper Darby, PA

Jonathan has never cried like this before. He can’t stop—the tears keep flowing, his body shaking. He curls up into a ball on his bed and tells his girlfriend to please go away. “I’ll be fine,” he whispers.

Annie feels like a zombie. She doesn’t think that she feels sad but she knows that she should. Her boyfriend of 7 years just broke up with her. She ignores all of her friends’ phone calls and text messages. Eventually, she stops going to work, too. 

We just painted two very different pictures. Would you believe us if we said that both characters above are depressed? That’s right, depression can look drastically different from one person to the next. In fact, every mental health condition can look different from one person to the next.

While there are a few characteristics of each disorder that must be present for diagnosis, there is also a long list of symptoms that someone might experience. It’s a psychiatrist’s job to study and understand all of these symptoms so that they can properly diagnose and treat people like Jonathan and Annie.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of a mental illness, reach out to Thriveworks Counseling in Upper Darby, PA. We can connect you with an online psychiatrist right away. These professionals can talk to you easily online, in a telephone or video session. 

How Can a Psychiatrist Help Me?

Psychiatrists can help people in many different ways, but they can be categorized into a few main areas: the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders and disturbances. Let’s take a closer look at each of these areas:

  1. Diagnosis: First, psychiatrists can diagnose mental illnesses. To do so, they evaluate the individual’s symptoms. It’s important to remember that one person can have drastically different symptoms from another person with the same disorder. For example, one person with depression might sleep all day while another might stay up with insomnia all night. 
  2. Treatment: Psychiatrists can also provide people with treatment for mental illnesses. And they make their expert recommendations based on those specific symptoms we just talked about. One person might best benefit from talking to a therapist each week in cognitive behavioral therapy, while another might benefit the most from medication and talk therapy. Again, this can vary depending on the individual’s presentation of symptoms.
  3. Prevention: Third, psychiatrists focus on the prevention of mental health conditions. For example, if one of their clients is starting to grapple with difficult emotions like depressive thoughts and feelings, they can intervene and prevent the symptoms from growing into a full-blown depressive disorder. 

If you are looking for diagnosis, treatment, or prevention, a psychiatrist is the right person for the job. These individuals are committed to providing their clients with personalized help, based on their unique experiences.

You can trust that the psychiatrists at Thriveworks in Upper Darby have your best interest at heart. They work to create a safe space for their clients for healing and improving their lives. 

Secure Online Mental Health Care in Upper Darby, PA

This world never runs out of people who need help. We all need help sometimes, especially when we are suffering mentally, emotionally, or physically. Significant events like the passing of a loved one, a traumatic experience, a breakup, or a major life transition can halt life as we know it. As can the development or the diagnosis of a mental disorder, such as bipolar disorder or generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). 

When our lives are halted or changed by these disruptions, mental health care can provide us with the help and the support that we need. Psychiatrists, specifically, can expertly assess and treat these disturbances. 

If you determine the need for a psychiatrist’s help, Thriveworks Counseling in Upper Darby, PA can connect you with one immediately. We have online psychiatrists in Pennsylvania who can meet with you over video or phone, no matter where you reside in the state. To schedule your session, click here or call one of the phone numbers listed below: 

Thriveworks in Bensalem: (215) 874-8002

Thriveworks in Bethlehem: (484) 241-2848

Thriveworks in Philadelphia (Center City): (215) 543-6271

Thriveworks in Philadelphia (JFK Blvd.): (215) 543-6271

Thriveworks in Philadelphia (South 40th Street: (267) 314-8112

Thriveworks in Philadelphia (Center City): (215) 399-9764

Thriveworks in Pittsburgh: (412) 208-6279

Thriveworks in Pittsburgh (Fourth Avenue): (412) 436-3108

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