Top Psychiatrists in Henderson, NV — Appointments Available

Top Psychiatrists in Henderson, NV — Appointments Available

Everyone knows how anxiety feels. A deadline looms at work, the rent is past due, a loved one is facing a serious health situation, or a relationship is in trouble. Any of these situations can cause a deep sense of anxiety to fill your stomach. In situations like these, that kind of reaction is perfectly normal.

But run-of-the-mill anxiety and an anxiety disorder are not the same. Anxiety disorders, and other forms of mental health disorders, can cause panic attacks that freeze us or other symptoms that disable us. Maybe the anxiety manifests in physical ways that cause pain or exhaustion. Perhaps we’re ultimately unable to leave home because of that.

For nearly one in five Americans, according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), living with a mental health disorder is a way of life. Help exists, however, and is within reach.

At Thriveworks, we offer psychiatric services to support the diagnosis and treatment of various mental health issues. We can customize a treatment plan to meet your specific needs. When you’re ready to consult with a psychiatrist, consider making an appointment at Thriveworks in Henderson, NV.

Disorders Psychiatrists Treat (and Symptoms To Watch For)

Psychiatrists are medical doctors trained to study, treat, and prevent a variety of mental health disorders. These can include anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Psychiatrists also can treat bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and dissociative disorders, which can disrupt memory, behavior, or perception of the outside world.

It’s important to know that psychiatrists don’t treat just those conditions considered to be the most severe. Clients with milder symptoms can benefit from talking with a psychiatrist too. Doing so can often help prevent those symptoms from snowballing into bigger issues.

Here are some of the most common symptoms for which you might seek psychiatric help:

  • Panic attacks
  • Feelings of low self-worth
  • Thoughts of self-harm
  • Flashbacks or persistent nightmares
  • Insomnia
  • Substance abuse
  • Mood swings
  • Personality changes
  • Frequent outbursts of anger
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Compulsive behaviors

When these or other symptoms begin affecting your life, don’t hesitate to contact Thriveworks in Henderson, NV, for an appointment. Our professional staff will work with you to restore the balance in your life.

How Do Psychiatrists Help Their Clients?

Understanding who psychiatrists are is important to knowing how they can help. Psychiatrists complete a rigorous educational and testing program to become licensed before performing four years of residency in a hospital or clinic. During their residencies, psychiatrists treat clients with a variety of mental, emotional, and behavioral health issues.

As a result, psychiatrists carry the experience and clinical training to compile a full profile of a client’s mental, physical, and emotional states before starting treatment. In the diagnostic phase, psychiatrists will perform a series of medical and psychiatric tests to assess the situation.

They also can determine whether symptoms have mental or physical roots, or a combination of the two. Sometimes, symptoms have a genetic component as well. All these factors will inform the course of treatment.

As medical doctors, psychiatrists are licensed to prescribe medications, administer talk therapy, and provide a number of other treatment options, depending on your symptoms and needs.  Some forms of treatment might last only a few sessions while others may last much longer. Each situation is different and our psychiatrists are trained to fit the therapy to the client, not the other way around.

Ready to get started? To schedule a psychiatry appointment, click our booking tool or give us a call at Thriveworks in Henderson, NV.

Schedule a Psychiatry Appointment at Thriveworks in Henderson, NV

We know how difficult facing mental health issues can be. Scheduling an appointment to see a psychiatrist shouldn’t add to that stress so we aim to make the process as easy as possible.

A couple of minutes on the phone or a few clicks of the mouse and you can find a time slot on a weekday, in the evening, or on a weekend, whichever is best for you. Our psychiatry appointments are also available by video chat or by phone so you can get help without leaving your home or office.

Need to discuss something between sessions? Our mental health professionals are available by email and phone throughout the week to address issues as they arise. At Thriveworks, we accept insurance and offer a number of membership perks like:

  • Moderated community discussions
  • Exclusive videos and an eBook on overcoming depression
  • Mobile support for billing and scheduling
  • Access to our Therapy Buddy app

Your mental health is precious and worth protecting. If you feel that the time is right to consult with a psychiatrist, consider making an appointment today at Thriveworks in Henderson, NV.

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