Online Psychiatry in Bowling Green, KY

Online Psychiatry in Bowling Green, KY

Psychiatry is a specialized form of mental health care. And like all of the mental health services we offer, it relies on a close, professional relationship between our clients and psychiatrists. But if you’re not entirely sure what a psychiatrist does, let alone how they can help you, then we’d like to give a little introduction to our psychiatric care. 

Psychiatrists are mental health professionals. They’re often licensed therapists, which means that like a psychologist, they can conduct therapy sessions or diagnose mental health conditions and disorders. The difference between psychiatrists and other mental health professionals is that psychiatrists are also medical doctors, which means that they use their medical expertise to treat clients, along with their therapeutic techniques and knowledge.

And as mental health services are becoming less and less stigmatized, many people have turned to online psychiatric care through Thriveworks in Bowling Green, KY. It’s become a convenient and secure way for anyone to receive personalized psychiatric care. While not every client will need to see a psychiatrist to treat their mental health concerns or conditions, those who do will receive the same professionalism and expert guidance as they would from an in-person session. 

The Benefits of Online Psychiatry

Finding time to prioritize your mental health has never been easier. With online psychiatry through Thriveworks, great psychiatric care is at your fingertips. We’ve streamlined the client experience for you. From scheduling appointments to finding the right provider, you’ll have scheduling specialists available 7 days a week to help you find the right psychiatrist and session time to fit your lifestyle. 

Like many of the virtual services that we provide, online psychiatry allows you to: 

  • Spend less time driving to a brick and mortar location
  • Minimize any anxiety you might be feeling about seeing your psychiatrist 
  • Attend sessions while traveling, or during breaks at work. As long as you have a private place to talk and reliable internet access, your provider and you can still connect

We don’t believe anyone should have to choose between their hectic schedule and getting the mental health care they need. Online psychiatry is just one of the many ways that we put our clients before anything else. 

Should I See an Online Psychiatrist Through Thriveworks? 

Psychiatrists are able to treat and diagnose a multitude of mental health conditions and disorders. In fact, they’re a great resource for those who are currently or suspected to be suffering from a mood or emotional disorder. Online psychiatry could be of great benefit to you if you’re experiencing: 

  • Feelings of sadness or hopelessness that last for days or weeks 
  • Constant fatigue or feeling emotionally drained 
  • Uncharacteristically short temper 
  • Unexplainable mood swings 
  • Insomnia or difficulty eating 
  • Possible addiction to alcohol or drugs

While every client has a unique situation and set of needs, our online psychiatrists are industry experts who can assist you. With their combinative approach to treatment, psychiatrists can help with mood or behavioral disorders that are disruptive and harmful to someone’s personal life. 

Online psychiatry assists with mood disorders and behavioral disorders and conditions, like: 

  • Depression: While often associated with feelings of sadness, depression can oscillate between happiness, numbness, grief, or even anger. 
  • OCD: Those with OCD often find themselves fixated on irrational thought loops or actions. 
  • PTSD: As an anxiety disorder that’s triggered by upsetting events, PTSD can induce intense flashbacks, nightmares, sometimes causing social anxiety or insomnia.
  • Eating disorders: Whether related to body image issues or external factors, eating disorders can upset the body’s fragile balance, and upsetting our mental health as a result.
  • ADHD: This mental health disorder makes it difficult to focus on subjects for extended periods of time. A sufferer’s inability to do so may induce feelings of aggravation or even depression. 

With the ability to prescribe medications that help their clients cope with and in some cases reduce the symptoms of more difficult mental health disorders, our psychiatrists provide specialized care for people not just in Bowling Green, KY, but across the U.S., too. 

Schedule Online Psychiatric Care with Thriveworks in Bowling Green, KY

If seeing an online psychiatrist sounds like something that you could benefit from, give our Bowling Green, KY office a call today. Besides the support you’ll be getting from your provider, and the scheduling assistance from our specialists, we’ve got a slew of perks for those who enroll with us, like: 

  • Flexible cancellation options 
  • Our life coach Q/A chat line
  • Evening and weekend session times
  • The ability to communicate with your provider through email
  • A digital copy of “Leaving Depression Behind” and other great electronic resources 

Many mental health conditions and disorders can be difficult to manage alone. It’s not necessary for those who are experiencing mental health issues or symptoms of a disorder to feel like they need to face their issues alone. Online psychiatry through Thriveworks in Bowling Green, KY is a great way for people to start getting the help they need, from psychiatrists who care. 

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