Waterbury Psychiatry—Mental Health Services in Connecticut

Waterbury Psychiatry—Mental Health Services in Connecticut

Bree has struggled for years with social anxiety. As she’s gotten older, she feels like it’s gotten worse. For example, when she has to present at work, it’s extremely hard for her, and she gets cold sweats. Her jaw tenses up, her hands start shaking, and she feels like she’s going to have a heart attack.

One of Bree’s co-workers noticed that she had a hard time presenting and swiftly took over every time she started to panic. While her co-worker doesn’t mind, Bree knows she needs to find a way to overcome her anxiety.

Bree decides to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist who diagnoses her with a social anxiety disorder. Together, they work on managing her symptoms and finding effective coping mechanisms to use when she feels a panic attack coming on.

Bree is just one of the millions of American adults who struggle with anxiety each year. Often, people with mental health disorders don’t seek the treatment they need to overcome their challenges and hardships, leaving them with months and years of turmoil. The stigma around being weak if you need mental health help is outdated. Mental illnesses should be addressed and treated before they cause significant problems in the lives of those who are struggling.

At Thriveworks Counseling in Waterbury, CT, we have a team of psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners who are board certified and dedicated to providing you with exceptional care. Whether you’re struggling with substance abuse, an anxiety disorder, or another problem, a Thriveworks psychiatrist can provide you with the guidance, support, and treatment you need to get better.

Should I Talk to a Psychiatrist?

If you’re like Bree and have symptoms of a mental disorder that are causing you to suffer, you should talk to a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who dedicate their careers to learning about psychiatry, mental disorders and then putting that knowledge to work for people like you.

You might be wondering if you should meet with a psychiatrist or a psychologist. These are both mental health professionals, but a significant difference is that psychiatrists can prescribe medication and offer medication management to their clients. Here’s the breakdown…

  • Psychologists receive specialized training and education to provide clients with counseling services, such as psychotherapy, narrative therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Psychiatrists also receive specialized training and education but receive a medical degree instead. This allows them to diagnose, treat, and manage mental illnesses, often with psychiatric medication and therapeutic techniques as well

Psychiatrists, with their extensive training, also often specialize in specific areas of psychiatry. Some of these subspecialties include addiction, adolescent and child psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, occupational psychiatry, and forensic psychiatry.

It’s also important to note that finding the right treatment plan can take time so don’t feel discouraged if something doesn’t work right away. Your psychiatrist will help you find a plan that does work well for you.

Medication Management at Thriveworks

As briefly described earlier, psychiatrists are trained medical doctors who have the ability to prescribe psychiatric medication. Your provider will know exactly which medication will be the right fit for you, how much you should take, and ensure you know when to take it. Finding the best medicine may take some trial and error, but your psychiatrist will work with you every step of the way.

Some types of psychiatric medications that you might be prescribed include antidepressants, antipsychotics, depressants, mood stabilizers, stimulants, and anxiolytics. These treat many mental health disorders, including anxiety, schizophrenia, eating disorders, ADHD, insomnia, depression, and personality disorders.

Start a Relationship With a Psychiatrist at Thriveworks in Waterbury, CT

Are you struggling to cope with racing thoughts, hopelessness, addiction, low self-esteem, or any other challenge related to your mental wellbeing? Are you ready to make positive changes in your life? Consider working with a trusted mental health professional at Thriveworks in Waterbury.

At Thriveworks, we have a team of exceptional online psychiatrists, counselors, psychologists, therapists, and coaches. We can help our clients through anxiety, depression, relationship problems, family turmoil, and more. Also, we offer competitive benefits such as no waitlist, extended hours, and same- and next-day sessions.

When you’re ready to get started, you can find an online psychiatrist in Connecticut by clicking here or calling one of our offices. Because the majority of your psychiatry appointments can be conducted online, you can schedule an appointment at any location. However, we recommend calling the office that is closest to you.

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