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Do you have pre-conceived notions about what depression counseling is all about? Do you think that it begins and ends with talking to a stranger about why you’re depressed? Do you think it centers 100% around talking about your past? It’s true that you may do both as part of your treatment plan, it’s also true that there’s a lot more to the process.

There’s more than one type of therapy

When you visit Portsmouth depression counseling you’ll quickly learn that there are several types of therapy. You and your counselor will work together to find the right treatment plan, which may include a single type of therapy or several types.

The main types include solution-based therapies that focus on identifying what your issues are today and figuring out solutions for them, cognitive therapy that looks at how you look at and think about things, behavior therapy that involves looking at the actions you take and your behaviors, and interpersonal therapy that focuses on your relationships with others.

You have work to do between appointments

Effective Portsmouth depression therapy doesn’t begin and end in the doorway of your therapist. Instead, you’ll have work to do outside of your session. This may be specific homework like journaling or it may simply be looking at behaviors.

For example, a common issue for people experiencing depression is getting stuck in their head. They spend too much time analyzing themselves, their thoughts, and their behaviors. Your coach may offer tips on how you can avoid doing this between sessions. They may include finding something to do, like reading, watching TV, or going out to dinner with a friend, exercising, or getting a little extra work done.

The advice you get will be specific to your situation. That’s one of the reasons that Thriveworks Portsmouth Counseling & Coaching has the capacity to be very helpful to you. You’ve likely ready advice on the internet and maybe you’ve followed a few simple steps. But the truth is that your situation is unique and only a trained professional can properly walk you through this tough time in your life.

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